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Archive for November 2018

Tips to help manage arthritis pain

Are you or someone you know suffering from arthritis or a related condition? Many people accept chronic joint pain as a normal part of life, often assuming nothing can be done, but there is good news – options are available locally to help relieve your pain by. While there’s no quick fix for arthritis, there…

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Markets Rattling Investors, Fed Still Calm

OCTOBER 29, 2018 Equity market turmoil continued throughout last week, raising fresh questions about the Fed’s policy path. I don’t believe that Powell & Co. will panic just yet. I suspect they will take a broad view of incoming data and financial indicators and conclude they have little reason to alter their policy path. This…

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Where Have the Adventurers Gone? Recent Trends in Oregon Entrepreneurship

By: Henry Fields If you’ve ever struggled to spell “entrepreneur” you might know that it’s a term borrowed from French. It’s too bad that an early English-language equivalent, “adventurer,” didn’t catch on. The term perfectly captures the swashbuckling, eccentric personality needed to start a business (and it’s easier to spell). Though English needed the loanword,…

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Job Insights for the Fourth Quarter of 2018

By Refresh Leadership on October 30, 2018 in Executive Insights Although 2018 is ending on a strong note for many businesses, recruiting and retention challenges will carry over into 2019. To provide accurate and timely employment forecasts for business leaders, Express Employment Professionals International Headquarters conducts an ongoing Job Insights survey to track quarterly hiring…

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A Year in The Making, Dedication of Two Major Additions @ KCC on October 2, 2018

KCC Capital Campaign Exceeds Expectation (9/12/2017) KLAMATH FALLS – Klamath Community College is thrilled to announce that generous community support has propelled the “Completing the Transformation” campaign past its fundraising goal. KCC launched the campaign in January, with a goal to raise $650,000 to purchase equipment for the college’s new Work Skills Technology Center (WSTC).…

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The Diversity of Local Government in Oregon

by Annette Shelton-Tiderman Conversations about government employment are typically very opinionated – regardless of who is talking, the specific focus of the conversation, and where the discussion takes place! No matter which side of the fence people may be on, a county-level analysis of government employment offers insights for any discussion. “To Promote the General…

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The Coastal Employment Base Differs from the Rest of Lane County

by Henry Fields October 22, 2018 The coastal area of Lane County – consisting of Florence, Dunes City, Mapleton, and the surrounding unincorporated areas – doesn’t have the same employment base as the rest of the county. The graphs compare average 2017 employment in coastal Lane County to the county overall. Some industries are a…

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Photography, The Photo Ark and Great Visual Storytelling

By: Gary Conkling Joel Satore has dedicated his life to capturing intimate, face-to-face portraits of animals that reflect the biodiversity of earth, as well as the dangers of animal extinction. His visual storytelling is strikingly artful, compelling to view and an example of how to show what you mean and feel in a way that…

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This isn’t your grandparents’ logging

Being new to the forest sector, I have to admit that today’s logging operations are quite different than the popular-culture image of a burly, bearded man wearing a plaid shirt and carrying an ax. Three recent firsthand experiences have provided me with a clearer picture of how logging is done in Oregon. The first experience…

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