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A Proposal in Paradise

Paradise burned in November, last year. Luke and Cassie lost their home and everything in it. So did all of their neighbors. Eighty six lost their lives. It was historic in a way no one wants to be a part of history. Healing had to begin before the fire was even out. And so it…

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How to Update Your Employee Handbook

By Jenna Reed, Vice President General Counsel and Compliance Services Cascade Employers Association If it’s been more than a year since you’ve given your employee handbook a thorough read, chances are it’s already out of date. I don’t know too many people that jump up and down about the prospect of updating their employee…

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LINKING SUSTAINABILITY CLAIMS TO SALES FMCG AND RETAIL HTTPS://WWW.NIELSEN.COM/US/EN.HTML “All natural,” “fair trade,” “organic”—more and more products across the store include claims of sustainability. But what do all these claims mean? Describing a product as “sustainable” could mean that it’s sourced responsibly, for example, or that it utilizes recyclable packaging—as well as a whole host…

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