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Did you know that the 2nd Friday of March is Solar Appreciation Day? 

I didn’t either. 

I use solar energy every day to keep a couple of my towers alive, so I’m a big fan.

I love innovation and innovators and have written several times over the years about Stracker and Jeff Sharpe, the Ashland based Solar Engineer that invented the super cool, small footprint, multi-axis solar system that follows the sun for maximum efficiency. 

Chris Cook writes about Stracker’s growth in this month’s cover story. 

They now have over 50 installations and hopes of growing into a national manufacturer of very cool technology. 

Read the cover story at https://southernoregonbusiness.com/ashland-company-opens-new-possibilities-for-solar-energy/

Since last months change from “print” version to online only, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and exciting. 

I received over 30 new subscribers in one day breaking a record set last year of 25. Advertisers reached out and re-upped. 

People stopped me at events, meetings, and in the grocery store to say that they were excited about the change. 

Change is hard and scary for any business and I’m glad this change hasn’t had too much of a negative effect. 

Some readers check in randomly to find what’s new and others will wait until they receive the email prompting them to read everything new in one sitting. 

There is no right way to read the journal. It’s a mix of stories about local businesses, government press releases and relevant and inspiring stories for future, current and past business leaders. 

I try to spread the news around Southern Oregon but sometimes there is so much going on in Jackson County that it feels somewhat focused on our county. That isn’t intentional. At least I try not to make it intentional. 

In this “issue” you will find stories posted throughout the month of March, 2024 from Klamath, Coos, Lane, Douglas, Josephine and Jackson Counties. 

As I read them I worry less about place and more about what can we do where I live that mimics, supports or enhances the story. 

The state awarded 14 very innovative companies grants. 9 out of the 14 were Portland Metro based, 3 were Eugene based and rounding out the list was 1 each from Philomath and Bend. https://southernoregonbusiness.com/business-oregon-awards-matching-grants-to-support-business-growth-and-commercialization-2/ 

How do we get more innovative companies outside of Portland and/or in Southern Oregon? That’s the subject of future issues. Watch this space. 

In the mean time, enjoy the sun and it’s energy even at night. 

Thanks for reading.

Jim Teece, Publisher of the SOBJ. 


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