A Fine Line

Wars, Pandemics, and Recessions

May 10, 2022

Three years in and the Covid 19 pandemic with its variants weighs on minds around the world. To the public of the 21st Century connected by digital communication technologies seemingly everywhere, thoughts, news, ideas, and rumors spread faster than any pandemic in the history of our shared planet. That could be good or bad, depending…

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How Good is Good Enough?

April 6, 2022

We discover that something we thought was good enough, just wasn’t. We could have done better, tried harder, gone just a little farther. For a thousand reasons we stopped too soon, short of a better result.  You and I know that if we keep doing what we’ve always done, we will get what we’ve always…

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Crisis Management

March 8, 2022

Business failure rates are high. Every. Single. Year. Records indicate 100,000 more business failures occurred in 2021 than just the normal 400,000 when nothing unusual is going on. One business trainer frequently teaches students to “Fail fast.” Get it over with and move on. Failure happens for a multitude of reasons.  Blame it on the…

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Measuring the Economy

February 7, 2022

by Greg Henderson  We measure things with some of the oddest sort of ideas and statistics. Something big happens, say a big event like a war or a pandemic, or the government handing out money to keep the economy strong – or to maybe keep the citizens from revolting. But how big is the debt…

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Two Steps from Failure

January 5, 2022

An estimated 200,000 business closures have occurred in each of the first two years of the Covid19 pandemic. These are closures that happened because of Covid19 that would not otherwise have happened. In a typical year, absent Covid19, approximately 600,000 businesses will close their doors. But is that a distraction from the true cause of…

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Reset for 2022

December 4, 2021

Time for a reset and the full expectation of good times ahead! Happy Holidays to everyone. I have good feelings about next year.  It’s time to make December the month to prepare for a great beginning to the New Year. Wasn’t 2021 a real kick? We could do with a lot less of much of…

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A Field Full of Lessons and Gold

November 3, 2021

Forty years, and then some, ages the old bean truck. It became a part of the family’s life blood when dad bought it in the 60’s to carry 1500 pound boxes of the bean harvest from our farm on Mosby Creek to the cannery in Eugene; a harvest largely accomplished by hardworking kids needing money…

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Selling Widgets

October 5, 2021

Your favorite hobby may be the worst business idea you’ve ever had.  There are times when every businessperson gets so hung up on the product or service he/she is selling that the object of business is forgotten. I’ve been there many times. It becomes a trap.  Have you known someone who is the best at…

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Homelessness is Not New

September 5, 2021

Indifference is the ultimate cruelty dealt another human being. Worse than being beaten, spoken to harshly, or looked upon with disgust, indifference is being treated as though you don’t exist at all. You might as well be another gray pebble in the sidewalk beneath the pedestrians feet, unnoticed and irrelevant. City councils have tireless attendees…

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We’re Better Than This

August 3, 2021

By Greg Henderson America is a country known for overcoming extreme obstacles. In fact, it seems we seek them out just to prove we can beat them. If you’re firmly planted on our soil in work-boots and determination you may be one who refuses to use the word ‘obstacle’ instead, calling it ‘opportunity’. That’s a…

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You’re Kind of Old, Aren’t You?

July 5, 2021

“When are you going to die?”  “Whaaaat?”  “When are you going to die?” The question was sincere and asked as though I had an answer. I stopped sweeping the garage floor to decide on an answer that wouldn’t cut the conversation too short; one that would provide a decent answer without harming either of us. …

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Where Leadership Fails

June 9, 2021

Have we given any serious consideration to the possibility (probability?) that a good number of our economic problems are more about poor supply chain management – and planning – than about a pandemic?  Assistant Dean for Outreach and Engagement, David Frayer at Michigan State University says about supply chain management, “The ultimate focus of the…

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