A Fine Line

Selling Widgets

October 5, 2021

Your favorite hobby may be the worst business idea you’ve ever had.  There are times when every businessperson gets so hung up on the product or service he/she is selling that the object of business is forgotten. I’ve been there many times. It becomes a trap.  Have you known someone who is the best at…

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Homelessness is Not New

September 5, 2021

Indifference is the ultimate cruelty dealt another human being. Worse than being beaten, spoken to harshly, or looked upon with disgust, indifference is being treated as though you don’t exist at all. You might as well be another gray pebble in the sidewalk beneath the pedestrians feet, unnoticed and irrelevant. City councils have tireless attendees…

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We’re Better Than This

August 3, 2021

By Greg Henderson America is a country known for overcoming extreme obstacles. In fact, it seems we seek them out just to prove we can beat them. If you’re firmly planted on our soil in work-boots and determination you may be one who refuses to use the word ‘obstacle’ instead, calling it ‘opportunity’. That’s a…

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You’re Kind of Old, Aren’t You?

July 5, 2021

“When are you going to die?”  “Whaaaat?”  “When are you going to die?” The question was sincere and asked as though I had an answer. I stopped sweeping the garage floor to decide on an answer that wouldn’t cut the conversation too short; one that would provide a decent answer without harming either of us. …

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Where Leadership Fails

June 9, 2021

Have we given any serious consideration to the possibility (probability?) that a good number of our economic problems are more about poor supply chain management – and planning – than about a pandemic?  Assistant Dean for Outreach and Engagement, David Frayer at Michigan State University says about supply chain management, “The ultimate focus of the…

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The Extremes

May 5, 2021

We can choose to live in the extremes, left or right, up or down, black or white. However, the world is dominated by gray, that huge expanse between the extremes. The separation occurs at a place we call a “Fine Line”. Crossing the line is a commitment to a choice, that “Road Not Taken” poem…

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From Fartleks to Normalcy

April 4, 2021

Fartleks make you faster. (Pronounce it just the way you think- with a smile on your face). They are also a life lesson. A one-mile race is one mile long not ten yards less. Run fast to the very end. The very end. Practices that include Fartleks help runners improve performance pacing, endurance and strategic…

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Choosing Green

February 4, 2021

No plans, no planning, no training, no money, no idea what possible unintended consequences might be lying in wait. Over-optimism, no forecasting, no understanding of cashflow processes, or what to expect in the short (or long) term when decisions are made. Hope is a bad business plan. And hope is often the only business plan…

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