A Fine Line

Is This Heaven? 

May 11, 2023

No, It’s Rural Oregon.  It’s okay, you’re not the first one to make that mistake. I wouldn’t live anyplace else.  In an attempt to engage a business Emergency Resuscitation Plan the thought of attracting tourism dollars to small towns is high on the list. Here in Oregon many small towns are challenged to remain viable…

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Pyramids, Concrete Walls, and Excellence

April 9, 2023

A Fine Line by Greg Henderson 50 years before Columbus discovered America – at an incredible altitude of nearly 8,000 feet – Machu Picchu was constructed by unlicensed Peruvians. The stone construction project, with several walls, still stands built without concrete. Over 500 years ago! The concrete blocks that form a privacy wall across my…

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Are We Overworking and Underthinking?

March 8, 2023

Or just underthinking?  Fifty years, maybe 25, is enough to realize a need to replace or repair most everything. The problem is not our plans, it’s the execution of them. New Year resolutions often fail before the end of January. Good resolutions, bad execution.  Advice I received from a coworker in 1968, it came from…

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Going Digital

February 11, 2023

The flies were most annoying. Each of us had our own swarm… “For the shade”, we teased. Aside from a cup of water, a bit of shade where the heat would climb above 110 degrees was the second most precious thing. The Australian Outback in the Nullarbor Plain of South Australia can be treacherously hot. …

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8 Billion and Counting

January 14, 2023

Resolution for the United States and the World in 2023; better leadership. It’s time we all decided to fix the things we’ve broken in our occupation of this planet. And time we stopped leaving the responsibilities of our misdeeds to someone else. All of us are needed. All are responsible. Its time to leave our…

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Our Gift 

December 12, 2022

2022 is worn out.Everything wears out. Its predictable and guaranteed.  Bridges, highways, stoves, lawnmowers, computers, shovels, floors, and cars all eventually need to be repaired or replaced. They just wear out – usually after the warranty has expired.  You and I didn’t expect an entire year to wear out. 2022 is near its end, and…

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The Bloom in the Driveway 

November 10, 2022

The world is falling apart and there is no saving it. That’s what I’m hearing on all the news outlets. And from seemingly every candidate for political office, challenger, and incumbent. And their followers. Cheer up people and try to be nicer.  Let’s not forget the dandelion.  There’s no shortage of bad news, which is…

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Loud Voices

October 9, 2022

by Greg Henderson If my house is on fire I would appreciate it if you would yell loudly at me that I am in danger. Otherwise, please tone it down a bit. My neighbor lives about a hundred yards from me. To hear him talking in his front yard you would think he lived about…

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Boarding the Ark 

September 10, 2022

Being next is the best place to be.  Standing in line waiting my turn can be an incredible opportunity to make new acquaintances, learn new things and be inspired to live another day with altered feelings. I can start my day a little grumpier than I should. It’s a “got up on the wrong side…

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A Fine Line – Be Nimble, Be Quick… and Listen 

August 8, 2022

“Pay attention and don’t believe everything you hear. Speak 20% and listen 80%, we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. If you’re the smartest person in the room, find another room.”  Treasure wisdom and choose your mentors carefully.  Success at business and life depend on it.  Competition Bias involves favoring information that…

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A Difference 

July 7, 2022

Over 5 million new businesses were started in 2021.  Optimism in America continues to impress.  Knowing that a million of those new businesses will fail in the first year doesn’t matter to the entrepreneur, especially in this country. Failure is a great teacher. We have the Wright Brothers and Thomas Edison as examples of people…

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The Plan

June 5, 2022

As often as we hear about A Plan we believe that it’s the plan that is the thing. It isn’t. The execution is the thing. To arrive at the execution stage requires a proof of concept stage. Proving the concept of an idea can be a time-consuming process of research, study and hard work. Steps…

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