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What is the E2E Network?

E2E Network

Inspired by communities from Bend to Boulder, management consultant Cynthia Scherr and financial consultant Linda Ganim, along with other local entrepreneurs, started E2E three years ago.  They challenged their friends and clients, most of whom own businesses, to come together as a loose group of entrepreneurs to focus on promoting, developing and enhancing a sustainable…

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Blackstone Publishing: A Page Turner

Blackstone Publishing

by Cynthia Scherr Traffic snakes along at 5 mph, horns honk, the smell of asphalt and exhaust mix in the air. Ever found a traffic jam inspiring?  Craig Black, founder of Blackstone Publishing, did. Thirsty to continue his education, Craig started reading classic literature and history in his 30s while driving L.A. freeways. After several…

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