Success Building in 2024

January 16, 2024

Some of the most fascinating aspects of business management revolve around the nature of change as a business progresses through the stages of the Business Lifecycle. The lifecycle analogy is similar to human development where there is a start, growth, maturity and decline phases as a stylized structure to understand…

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Building Resilience in Your Organization

December 14, 2023

As another year winds down, it is customary to take a look back at the year’s events and reflect on the meaning of them. In many instances, 2023 has been the first year that I have heard people say that it is actually ‘post-COVID’ in their lives and businesses. Comments…

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Season’s Greetings!

November 19, 2023

One might think this is a reference to upcoming festivities, a view appropriate for this time of year. However, this article is using the reference a little differently. Tis the season to review 2023 business performance and prepare for the upcoming year with the changes that are in store for…

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A Primer on Partnerships

October 11, 2023

There are a number of inherent problems that small businesses face which can be extremely difficult to remedy. One of the most difficult areas is scaling-up, or growing the business from a small core of talent, business volume and market reach into a larger, more resilient entity. There may not…

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Let’s Talk Lending and Debt Financing

September 12, 2023

From startups to large corporations, when a business wants to expand – whether it be new products or markets or increasing the volume of business transactions – capital is needed to fund that expansion. Expansions always occur in advance of the increased revenues and profits used to pay for the…

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Head Back to the Classroom to Build Business Resiliency

August 13, 2023

Have you taken the time to think through the following questions? What makes a business good, and not just a mediocre economic performer? How are you going to address all of the changes you face as a business owner or manager and still remain profitable, especially when your staffing levels…

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The Top Line in Business Performance

July 16, 2023

If I was pressed to name the ONE item most difficult to manage in small businesses today, I believe I would settle on the people aspects of having a business. Without people involved, so many reasons for having a business vanish, such as having a market to sell to or…

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Don’t Overlook the Most Important

June 10, 2023

So much of the energy expended by businesses are centered around producing, labelling, shipping, buying, selling, recording, managing, identifying, cataloguing and quantifying…… every aspect of the business operation. The weighted emphasis placed on the ‘How of Things’ can shift management’s perception of what the business actually is and does. In…

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Where is the Hidden Value?

May 11, 2023

When companies sell, the results are all over the board regarding what the selling price is for like-sized companies. Some of the factors in a business’s value can be attributed to the physical assets that transfer from seller to buyer. These can be counted, costed, discounted or other wise modified…

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Some Human Issues with Scaling Your Business

April 9, 2023

During the lifecycle of small businesses, the inevitable question is arrived at and asked at one time or another. This question is: As I need to grow my business to survive or to take advantage of growth opportunities, how am I going to find the people I need to have…

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The Travails of Young Businesses

March 8, 2023

If you were to ask enough people to find out why new business failures are so high, you would probably end up with 100 reasons for the failures. To borrow an analogy from Benjamin Franklin concerning his experience developing the lightbulb: “I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100…

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SBDC – Keeping It Balanced

February 11, 2023

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you really love owning and running a business, regardless of what it does? I hope so, and this is one of the important aspects of business ownership that I wish remains top of mind with you in your daily work. If it has…

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