Ashland Chamber launches new eCommerce site for all Brick and Mortar stores in Ashland

Like the rest of us, the Ashland Chamber of Commerce has been hard at work pivoting to stay alive while continuing to reach out and help Ashland’s small business economy in every way it can, since the shutdowns started in March.

Thanks to a Grant from Business Oregon, and a passionate and experienced online expert turned retail store owner (She used to work for Amazon) Anne Robison, owner of The Crown Jewel with stores in Ashland and Jacksonville, the Ashland Chamber has launched a website at where all brick-and-mortar retail businesses can have a free e-commerce presence.

They are actively inviting all community members and visitors to shop them all in one spot online!

I have used the site. It’s a great resource, easy to use and a wonderful way to support local retailers from the comfort and safety of your home.

There are over 44 local stores online already and they are planning to grow it significantly in 2021.

It’s free to participate at this time and there are no costs per transaction to the business other than the normal stripe credit card fee per order.

If you are a brick-and-mortar retail business and want to participate, register through the site or contact Dana Preston for more information.

This is another great way for community members to shop local, safely, this year!

They are also running a very successful #LoveAshlandLocal campaign where you text your receipt to the chamber and get entered into a weekly contest. It’s a great way to promote “buy local” and over 200 people have been texting in copies of receipts since it started. Dana is excited to see this grow as well in 2021. Find out more at

The Ashland Community is stepping up to support all the local businesses and the Chamber is leading the way.

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