Umpqua Community Health Center Introduces New Name, Mark to Community: Aviva Health

Mission enhancement driving force behind brand realignment

ROSEBURG, Ore. – Umpqua Community Health Center, having recently completed a brand realignment, is changing its name to Aviva Health, effective immediately.

Ruth Galster, chair of Aviva Health’s Board of Directors, said the update to the organization’s brand – an initiative driven by the board itself – was due largely to mission enhancement over the years.

“We’re really proud of our beginnings when we were an open-door clinic in downtown Roseburg providing hope and healthcare to vulnerable, underserved populations, and we’ll never lose sight of that,” she said. “Over the years, though, we’ve grown to seven clinic sites across Douglas County from which we offer integrated medical, behavioral and dental healthcare that’s recognized by the Oregon Health Authority as among the best in the state.”

That growth and the addition of a family medicine residency program, for which Aviva Health’s Roseburg Clinic will serve as the teaching health center, was the catalyst for the update, Galster said.

But the essence and spirit of the open-door clinic is still very much a part of the organization’s brand.

“We will continue to offer hope and improve the health of our neighbors, which when combined lead to a better life,” said Mindy McFerrin, an Aviva Health board member. “All of that goodness and purpose on which we were founded remains very much alive in our new name and look.”

McFerrin, who is also an Aviva Health patient, pointed to her own experience as proof of the organization’s commitment to care that’s as exceptional as it is compassionate.

For four years McFerrin bounced from doctor to doctor seeking relief from devastating headaches, but her concerns were dismissed at every turn. It wasn’t until she came to Aviva Health that proper diagnostic testing was ordered, which revealed a brain tumor.

“It was an Aviva Health provider who took the time to listen to my health concerns and research my symptoms, an act of caring that literally saved my life,” she said. “It’s exactly why I’m dedicated to my service to the organization and remain an Aviva Health patient to this very day.”

In Hebrew Aviva means spring and hope. The “viva” portion of the word is well understood as pertaining to life and liveliness. Both translations are embodied by Aviva Health’s rich history and promising future, according to Galster.

Over the coming weeks, patients and community members will be exposed to the refreshed brand through an updated website and building signage, billboards, radio ads and social media, said Aviva Health CEO KC Bolton. Other community outreach activities to build awareness for the new name and mark are also in the works.

“The full transition to our new name and logo is a work in progress – many things need to change, and it’s not as easy as flipping a switch,” Bolton said. “But what won’t change are our providers and staff, community ownership and the compassionate care we’ve provided to the people of Douglas County for the past 27 years, regardless of their ability to pay.”


Founded in 1992, Aviva Health is an independent, board-governed, not-for-profit organization that cares for the people of Douglas County by providing high-quality, patient-centered, accessible and affordable medical, dental and behavioral healthcare, regardless of their ability to pay. It offers integrated services from seven clinic sites in Roseburg, Myrtle Creek, Sutherlin, Glide and North Douglas County (Drain), including a Teen Health Center located on the campus of Roseburg High School.

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