Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Talent Gateway Project – Celebrating temporary housing for fire victim families waiting for over a year to come home

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It may look like just another trailer park to you, but to many families that lost their homes over a year ago in the fires that ripped through southern Oregon these new trailers represent hope and a way out of the motels. 

I was at the Talent Gateway Project ribbon cutting ceremony this weekend and it was… special, exciting and awesome. 

I’m proud of the over $1.2 million in donations from the People’s Bank of Commerce foundation and employees and all their efforts on fire victim housing relief, which span the entire valley.

And I’m proud of how the leaders in our state, county, city of Talent, and other agencies worked together to make this a reality. 

It took a lot longer than any of us thought it would (or should) but it felt good to celebrate another important milestone in the efforts to bring everyone home. 

The rain stopped and clouds parted as the speeches were made. 

A lot of people and organizations made this happen and there were many happy Talent families in attendance surveying their new temporary homes.

Thank you to all that made this happen. 

I left before the festivities ended, running to the car for another meeting, realizing that I was smiling ear to ear under my mask…

There is much work left to do, but I have to admit, it felt good to celebrate this moment. Very good.

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