New Medford Publishing Company Releases Resource Guides That Answer Business & Community Service Needs

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(Medford, OR) — Collaborative Publishing Solutions (CPS), owned by Charlotte Hodel, is a new business which opened in November 2019 whose mission is to serve Southern Oregon through its upcoming multimedia platform publications and promotional campaigns. These publications fulfill perceived voids and needs in the local business and community service sectors. CPS also works with local resources to showcase their attributes and support their offerings in specific areas that fit within the mission of each of the CPS products.

Beginning in September 2020, CPS launches two publications — the annual Southern Oregon Industrial & Manufacturing Guide and the Community Emergency Resource Guide. The former will be representative of and distributed to six counties, and regionally promoted to six states, and the latter to five counties. Both will be available to the public in October and are expected to be distributed in more than 100 high visibility locations.

Each publication and work by CPS are entirely service-related and solutions for currently unfilled needs in the community, according to Hodel.

“For us, believing in Southern Oregon as a virtual (in areas such as manufacturing) untapped treasure, it is important to not only to tell the story of the manufacturing industry here, but do what we can to promote the opportunities and possibilities for further growth in this market, too. Additionally, we outwardly recognize the great works being done here by so many tremendous business organizations and educational institutions, and understand the degree of effort each have and are being devoted to problem solving and preparing our area for positive growth. How we help this existing work is by utilizing our multi-media company for support to pull the many individual pieces of great work together as a unified front, while expanding the visibility of not only individual companies and initiatives, but to also shed light on the positive attributes of a unified mission of Southern Oregon,” says Hodel.

“The manufacturing community in our region is diverse and we have long known that we could do a better job connecting local manufacturers, suppliers and key partners for more effective outcomes. A directory has been on our mind for several years now, but its creation was out of our purview and capacity to create,” explains Colleen Padilla, Executive Director for SOREDI.

Collaborative Publishing Solutions arrives at a critically important and fortuitous time to make it happen, according to Padilla. “We are pleased to be in partnership with Char Hodel and her team to launch this product in conjunction with our 2020 Manufacturing Summit on October 2, 2020. We are confident in this effort to produce a stellar product that showcases our region. It is a giant step forward in creating more One Rogue Valley cohesion and success for Southern Oregon.”

“Our partnership with SOREDI has been a great meeting of the minds,” adds Hodel. “As our name suggests, we are all about supporting local business through cohesive plans that ensure our southern part of the state wins, our partners win, and CPS meets its mission and service goals at the same time.”

In addition to creating and distributing their two new publications, CPS is laser-focused on building, maintaining and growing their community partnerships, Hodel explains. CPS was founded on three pillars — caring, contributing and cultivating — which they exemplify in everything they do.

“We CARE about our business practices and ethics,” says Hodel. “It’s also important that we give back and CONTRIBUTE to the community that serves us, and honor and CULTIVATE our local resources, employees and client relationships.”

About Collaborative Publishing Solutions

Collaborative Publishing Solutions was founded by Charlotte Hodel, a national, award-winning communicator with over 30 years of publishing, communications, and economic and community development experience in three states. Based in Southern Oregon, CPS develops a variety of quality multimedia products including directories, guides, resources and community publications. With a team of eight diverse media contractors, CPS supports the positive growth of communities and individual businesses. Learn more at

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