New Evergreen Federal Bank branch gets net zero ready with Stracker elevated solar trackers and a rooftop system

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Evergreen Federal Bank is coming to Ashland with a state-of-the-art, fully solar-powered branch. The solar power system, which includes high-power elevated solar trackers trackers by Stracker Solar and rooftop system, was designed to provide all the energy the 6,110 square-foot facility will need and achieve net-zero status for the new branch. 

“We look forward to serving Ashland,” says bank president Jeff Hyde. “We are pleased to be able to power our new branch with solar energy. We hope to help homeowners and other businesses that have the same goal.”

Each of the four dual-axis solar trackers that will be installed at the parking lot of the bank branch will carry an array of 28 bifacial panels atop its 20 ft pole and will be furnished with LED lot lighting. This Stracker PV system  will produce 114,400 kWh solar power in the first year, which translates to an annual carbon dioxide reduction of 49.5 metric tons – equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 58.6 acres of U.S. forests every year. The additional rooftop system is expected to produce 29,400 kWh power a year.

The crew of Ashland-based Outlier Construction have been working on the site at 1001 W. Jackson Rd since August 2022, implementing design plans by KSW Architects. Stracker Solar will be installing their solar trackers this week, with the most impressive “array flying” scheduled for the morning of Thursday, April 20. The rooftop PV system has already been installed by Ashland’s True South Solar.

Once the branch opens this summer, Evergreen Federal Bank will offer solar financing options and solar tours to help customers learn about net zero energy and available solutions for solar power generation.

“We are honored to be part of this exciting step for Evergreen Federal”, says Jeff Sharpe, Founder and COO of Stracker Solar. “Implementing the most sustainable net zero energy path for their own business while offering solar financing to their customers is a great step forward in promoting and facilitating the clean energy transition for our community.”

Businesses and municipalities all over the country are going the extra mile to achieve energy independence, resilience, and long-term savings with net-zero energy strategies. Evergreen Federal Bank is becoming the next in a line of Ashland businesses choosing Stracker Solar’s high-power elevated solar trackers to meet their energy goals.

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About Stracker Solar: Headquartered in Ashland, Oregon, Stracker Solar has been manufacturing, selling, and installing state-of-the-art elevated dual-axis solar trackers since 2017. Stracker solar trackers are robust and elegant high-efficiency solar power systems, generating up to 70% more solar energy than rooftop, carport, or fixed ground-mounted systems of the same size. This efficiency translates to a 55-65% lower carbon footprint as well. The Stracker’s 20-foot single-pole mounting allows continued use of the grounds below, which makes the system ideally suited for parking lots, agricultural and industrial operations, campuses, community solar projects and other dual-use sites.

Elevated Stracker solar trackers installed in northern California and southern Oregon have been documenting unparalleled performance. Based on this success, Stracker Solar has embarked on a national expansion initiative certifying regional fabrication facilities and enlisting EPC Distributor Partners. The Stracker system is patent-pending and carries the valued UL 3703 certification.

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