Commercial Strategic Energy Management

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By Oregon Energy Trust –

Save energy and build resilience

Improving energy efficiency is one of the easiest ways to reduce operating costs. You can reinvest savings in your organization and employees, operate more sustainably and respond more effectively in a rapidly changing world.

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) is an Energy Trust of Oregon offering that provides the tools and education to start saving energy today and continue saving over time. As a SEM participant, you will learn how your business uses energy and identify where waste is happening. You’ll have the opportunity to share best practices with a cohort of peers, learn to increase employee engagement and monitor the progress of your energy savings work.

You will also have access to Energy Trust experts who will give you the knowledge and guidance needed to become leaders in energy management. The knowledge you gain with SEM will build resiliency to help your business withstand and recover from unexpected challenges.

“Strategic Energy Management has provided the framework, coaching and resources we need in our pursuit of energy savings and reaching sustainability goals.”

Eric Winn
Energy manager
Multnomah County


In addition to the value of the workshops, tools and support from energy coaches, Energy Trust also offers incentives based on progress from your energy management improvements and behavioral changes at enrolled sites. Talk with your Energy Trust program representative for more details.

  • Energy savings—Energy Trust offers cash incentives for electric savings in Portland General Electric and Pacific Power territories  and natural gas savings in NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas and Avista territories through SEM improvements.
  • Milestones—A $1,000 incentive for each SEM milestones that you reach.
  • Interns—Energy Trust offers up to $10,000 to help cover the cost of hiring an intern who works on SEM-related activities for a minimum of 80 hours during the 12-15 month SEM enrollment period.
  • Education—Incentives for completing certifications, and access to additional resources and training.

“In addition to the gas and electrical savings, SEM aligns perfectly with our sustainability plan to conserve our resources while reducing waste. We currently have six sites participating in SEM and we are showing incremental utility savings through public awareness, operational control and staff buy-in.”

Mike Holden
Custodial and operations manager
Corvallis School District

SEM resources

  • Employee engagement is an important part of SEM. Use the Power to Save noteshandout and posters to educate your staff on basic energy-saving practices.
  • Download the Commercial Strategic Energy Management Guide to learn more.
  • Watch the videos below to learn how organizations are putting SEM to work in their facilities.
  • Access technical tools needed to identify waste within commercial operation.
  • Access to the Energy Performance Platform (EPP), a cloud-based energy management hub allowing energy teams to easily measure savings, track project implementation and report results.

“Joining the [SEM] cohort was a breath of fresh air. SEM gives you the structure and foundation to develop and work toward energy goals. For a large agency like ours, even the small goals that are met have a big impact.”

Chad Naugle
Sustainability program manager
Oregon Department of Corrections
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