Meet Shaylee Graham, a Psychotherapist and Motivational Interviewing Trainer in Southern Oregon

Interview by Jim Teece

Shaylee Graham is a psychotherapist in Southern Oregon.  She has a small private practice where she sees clients.  Because of COVID and Zoom she is able to see clients all over Oregon from Ashland to Eugene to Portland. 

She moved to Southern Oregon 8 years ago from Portland. Her daughter’s father had family here so she relocated to be able to get help with child care. 

“When we moved down here, I had just also graduated grad school from Portland State University, with a master’s degree in social work. So I started working at the hospitals and doing medical inpatient social work, which was great. It was a good experience. And then I left there and moved into education, which I love higher ed, I’m a first generation college graduate. Community colleges gave me great opportunities, I started teaching and doing mental health with the students. Now I have my own private practice where I see clients.“

During our Zoom interview I asked her if she has been dealing with patients with COVID related stress issues. 

“Yes. People are often sharing about their stress from COVID related issues, such as family illness, isolation, increased anxiety due to work and childcare concerns. However, that may be what people lead with when they come to see me, but we often spend more time talking about old coping skills that are no longer serving them and attachment patterns in their relationships. People are used to dealing with everyday life disruptions but COVID made life disruptions more pervasive”

I can tell you that I felt very good about life after our short interview.  I hung up smiling and feeling comfortably inspired. 

Shaylee Graham, MSW, LCSW


  1. Daniel W. on March 3, 2022 at 3:18 pm

    As a former colleague of Shaylee, I can attest–the level of empathy and understanding Shaylee has for her clients are unsurpassed. She truly develops those meaningful relationships with her clients that are momentous and life-changing.

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