Meet Kendra Mollette of Divine Steaming & Doula Services

Interview by Jim Teece

Kendra Mollette moved to Southern Oregon in 2016 from Florida.  Her husband graduated from Ashland High School so they decided to move back to Southern Oregon after they got married, for the peaceful and quiet outdoors and haven’t looked back.

She is the owner of Divine Steaming and Doula Services. She is a full spectrum doula which means she offers support from conception through postpartum. 

She started the business in 2018 because she didn’t enjoy how she was treated at the local hospital in the NICU. 

“I decided to start school and help out with lactation because Black women have the lowest breastfeeding rates and that affects our health and our infants health. We have the highest maternal morbidity and infant mortality rates. So I started at RCC and then transferred to the PSU lactation program. As the CBS (certified breastfeeding specialist) I realized I wanted to do more and be more hands on. So I shifted gears and completed my Doula training. I actually had a couple of births this past fall and winter. And then I worked towards getting into the midwife school because I feel that I can help be effective by creating safe birthing spaces.”

“I offer doula services, which include lactation support. We do prenatal appointments. We come up with a plan that fits the parents. I also offer steaming, which is a holistic service. I have a postpartum package with that as well, which promotes afterbirth healing. It all just kind of ties in the birth work.”

You can find out more at and you can reach Kendra at

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