Employment in Jackson County: April 2021 Gains in Leisure and Hospitality Boost Payroll Employment

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by Guy Tauer, Regional Economist Guy.R.Tauer@oregon.gov (541) 816-8396

Total payroll employment in Jackson County rose by 140 jobs in April with most industries showing small changes over the month. Leisure and hospitality added 110 jobs, 50 of those in the accommodation and food services sector.

Professional and business services gained 40 jobs and other services also had a small gain, up by 30 jobs in April.

Employment fell in retail trade (-70); health care and social assistance (-50); and manufacturing (-50). Government employment increased by 110 with gains in federal government (+50) and local government education (+50) accounting for most of the rise.

Over the past year payroll employment in the Medford MSA (Jackson County) rose by 9,010 jobs, an increase of 11.6%. While that jump is notable, the county is still an estimated 3,400 jobs below the pre-pandemic peak employment in February 2020.

Since April 2020, essentially the worst point during the pandemic in terms of job losses, leisure and hospitality showed the largest gain, up by 2,990 jobs.

Other industries adding the most jobs since the recession’s nadir included retail trade (+1,790); health care and social assistance (+1,300); construction (+760); professional and business services (+620); manufacturing (+580); and other services (+560).

Government employment is still down 120 jobs since April 2020. Local government education fell by 310 jobs over the year while federal (+70) and state government (+50) gained jobs.

Local government education has not shown the employment recovery seen in many privatesector industries, in part due to less in-person learning in most educational institutions. 

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