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By Kara Henderson

To know my father is to know a man who often presents himself with serious intent and in earnest, dependent of course on the matter at hand. This is the man that I often knew as a child, always striving for the best not only in himself but also his children. My father was the person who taught me what it meant to work hard and give every task my best effort. I remember once as a child as I was doing dishes (haphazardly I’m sure) he said to me, “Every job worth doing is a job worth doing well.”  I took these words to heart.  I wanted people to see me as they see him, always giving his best, not complaining and never giving up.  I wanted to be tough, just like Dad.

The other side of my father I am lucky enough to share with him is his sense of humor, his passion for knowledge and his love of the arts.  My dad once raced in the house and told me to get in the car because we were going for a drive, “I need to show you something”, he said. I got in the car and he drove me about twenty minutes out of town and suddenly pulled over.  “Look at that tree”, he said, “Isn’t it incredible”.  I looked up to see the biggest, most magnificent tree in full fall colors.  It truly was incredible!  That is the quality I love the most in my Dad.  My father has the ability to see beauty in so many things; so many tear jerking, beautiful, amazing things that many people overlook.  

My Dad is and always will be the man to whom I compare all other men.  Thank you, Dad, for being a great father, husband and all around amazing person.  I am not sure what retirement will look like for you, but I do know that you deserve a break and to follow wherever your heart takes you.  

I love you Dad!

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