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I’ve known Greg Henderson since April 1994 when I first met him at Wallmasters Toastmasters in Tigard, Or. The first item that stood out was his effervescent smile, it was so warm and genuine. Always dressed in business attire and looking so slim and dapper. Greg’s sense of humor was always there and he could spring it on you without you realizing what just took place.

I remember one of his speeches he was giving us a history lesson on zucchini plus the fact he was helping his brother on the farm this one year. His departing ending was if you really want to lose friends just keep giving them zucchini as you are trying to get rid of them since they tend to harvest more than most people know they will.

One meeting Greg came dressed in his tuxedo, when asked why he was so dressed he said “Why not!”. He felt we should enjoy him dressed his best.

I noticed that Greg changed jobs several times and learned that his Toastmaster skills were a great asset, in addition to his many other ones, to interview and become a successful candidate.

It was fun to watch Greg and Mike Schock banter when it came to Ducks vs. Beavers. You knew that Greg was the Duck fan.

One of Greg’s best speeches was his talk about “Little Johnny” and the space between birth and death dates on a headstone. He delivered it extremely well.

Cleon Cox III


It’s been such a pleasure to work with you.

Chambers of Commerce thrive because of great minds and hearts, people like you who share their talents so generously. I’ve been moved by your genuine commitment to our business advocacy and government issues efforts, and have valued your informed and your keen business-minded counsel. You’ve been present and influential in our Springfield Chamber community, and you’ve brought so many of our communities together by telling our stories and celebrating our talents and passion for Oregon, business, industry, and community. Yes, I know. A warm send-off and well wishes are in order. But tell me now – please – you can’t possibly be done with us. Right?! May I respectfully remind you there are lots of opportunities to stay engaged, if you so choose. Either way, on behalf of the Springfield Chamber team, congratulations and best wishes on your next great adventure.


I once read the following quote, “Some people enter our lives and leave almost instantly, others stay, and forge such an impression on our heart and soul, we are changed forever.”  Greg Henderson is just such a person.  Congratulations Greg!  We will miss your contribution to the Journal, but we will miss you more.  Enjoy this next chapter in your life.  I am confident it will be a page-turner.  

In appreciation and friendship, 

Barry J. Robinson, General Manager, AmeriTitle, Inc

“It has been an honor and pleasure to work with Greg on the Southern Oregon Business Journal these past five years. He had an extraordinary vision in covering a diversity of timely information across our larger region. As geographically large and economically diverse as we may be, the stories he has included made us all feel like we’re in the same neighborhood with common interests and aspirations. I’m grateful to Greg for bringing us closer together.”

Steve Vincent, Oregon Regional Business Manager, Avista

Greg is a fantastic guy. I had the pleasure of working with Greg at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for a few years, where he helped a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners start and grow their businesses. Greg always has a big smile and wisdom to share on a variety of topics. Greg is a connector; he immensely enjoys bringing people together to create synergies. One of the things I respond to most about Greg is his fantastic work ethic. He would start out the day running 5 miles or more, spend the whole day meeting people, and finish it off with a local entrepreneurial event. I don’t even know where he found the time to write the stories that he did. I totally expect that even though he is retiring from the Southern Oregon Business Journal that he founded, that he will be continuing to affect the lives of those around him.

Sam Gross

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  1. bonnie chastain on June 1, 2020 at 2:31 pm

    Loved reading all of these articles, Greg — Congratulations!

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