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It is officially summer (Although on the day I’m writing this it’s only 65 degrees and I’m wearing a hoodie – Welcome to Oregon) and it has been 1 year since I became a partner with Greg on the Southern Oregon Business Journal. 

A lot has happened in that year. We completely rebooted the journals “Look and Feel” of the print publication as well as its online presence. Then there was The Global Pandemic, Bernie Sanders quietly dropped out of the Presidential Race, my daughter announced her pregnancy, rioting happened and Greg retired. Whew. What a year so far. We’re only half way through. 

I can’t even tell you were June has gone. The state started opening up and I just stayed working from home doing about 5 “Zoom” meetings a day. 

Someone asked if it’s harder to work with my international clients now and I thought about it and told him that it isn’t really any different, except that we are both at home. The real change has been with local clients and all the non-profits I serve. Where I used to drive to meetings, I just jump from one zoom to the next, always wishing I scheduled a bio-break in between and missing the drive time downtime.

Greg is retired, but he isn’t gone. He and I had a couple of meetings via Zoom in June and he can’t help but have his fingerprints all over this July issue. I’m not going to fight it. It’s his baby and it’s hard to give it up. I get it. I’m actually happy to have him hanging out and poking around. 

As I move into Grandpa Mode (Baby is due July 15) I’ll try to find time to be a good one. I’m working more than ever with side hustles and the future is uncertain, but I can’t wait to meet him and when he grows up I’ll tell him all about the year he was born. I hope he believes me, because it sounds too far fetched to be true. 

Jim Teece

Publisher of the Southern Oregon Business Journal

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