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Wow, I’m excited for you to check out this month’s issue.  It’s huge! It’s like a double issue.

The theme is Employment and Unemployment During COVID. There is also a special section on People’s Bank inside.

Full Disclosure – I Proudly Serve on the People’s Bank Board.  

I wanted to do the special insert on the bank because there are so many changes happening. 

Check out the article I wrote about Bill Jacobs on Page 54 and let me know what you think about his journey.  He recently retired from the bank board of directors after serving for over 22 years. He was the founding board member and I was blown away by his career path before he retired and relocated to Oregon and ended up helping start the bank.   When I sent the story to Bill to fact check, he replied that I was a good story teller. 

I like telling stories about the people I get to meet and work with so you can meet them too. That’s why I became involved with the journal in the first place. 

I had a quick chat with the banks new President, Julia Beattie and I wanted you to get an idea of who she is apart from a press release. 

I also asked CEO Ken Trautman how he went through the process to find his replacement as president of the bank he co-founded.

Finally, I’d like to thank this months edition sponsor – Energy Trust Of Oregon. Energy Trust of Oregon offers cash incentives to help make energy-saving equipment upgrades more affordable for your business. Check out their ad on page 29.

Jim Teece

Publisher of the Southern Oregon Business Journal

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