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Buy Local Online

One of my companies, Project A, is known for helping companies all over the world sell hundreds of millions of dollars of goods online. Over the years I have adopted Oregon women run businesses and do everything I can to help them succeed. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. If they need an e-commerce platform I provide it. If they need business coaching I give it. If they need help getting the word out, I do it. Why? Because I’m proud of them and want to encourage them to grow and change the world. Anyone on the planet can learn social marketing, create something of value, work really hard and grow a business.  We all order online. We all shop on Amazon for presents. I’m asking you to make an effort to buy locally online. On page 35 I showcase 3 young women owned businesses that sell great gifts online. 

Broadband Update

The Oregon Connections Conference happened since the last issue and I handed out copies of the special journal to every attendee. It was a huge success. The keynote speaker showed us how we could bring fiber to every home in Oregon using the funds that the feds are fighting over right now. Imagine if everyone home in Oregon, rural and urban, had fiber. Wow! It’s exciting to dream about. I’ll be covering broadband in future issues to follow along on the progress.

A Passion for Innovation

My wife and I were featured in SOU’s annual report so I reprinted it, with permission, in the journal because it’s relevant. We are funding an endowment at the university that will perpetually fund a business plan competition for all students. I’m very excited to see what the students come up with. We must all constantly encourage and inspire the next generations to become leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Black Friday

My team will be hunkered down in bunkers keeping sites and servers running so that the world can shop and save. It’s amazingly stressful. There is zero tolerance for errors. My team is amazing. 

Happy Thanksgiving

We all have a lot to be thankful for even if our lives are in chaos. Take a deep breath and be sure to thank everyone you work with as well as your family. Life is short and precious and everyone that is part of your life is a part of your journey. A simple thank you is what most people would love to hear from you. 

Thank you to all my readers and sponsors. I’m humbled by our success and excited to see where this goes. 


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