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I’m Excited for 2022

I know, I know, it’s the end of the year and I should be reflecting on what happened in 2021, but I have been working on a couple of exciting projects for the journal that will launch in 2022 and I can’t wait for you to see them. 

But since it is December, let us use Google Analytics to find out how we did from January 1 to December 1, 2021.

We have over 21,000 readers. This is up from 11,000 last year. That’s exciting and scary. I appreciate you all very much. 

Nearly 24% of you are 18-24 while 23% are 25-34 and 16% are 35-44 and 14% are 54-54 with the rest of you older than I am. I’m working hard to educate, encourage and inspire the future entrepreneurs in Oregon. 

Over 55% of you are female which I feel great about. It’s been a key focus of mine.

Here is something fascinating, 55% of you are in Oregon when reading the journal with California and Washington making up a majority of the rest. This is important because there are businesses I want to talk about in Northern California but always felt that since we are the Southern Oregon Business Journal it wouldn’t make sense. Now that I have this knowledge you can expect more stories about businesses across borders. 

The ones of you in Oregon are pretty evenly spread around Medford, Portland, Eugene, Ashland, Bend and Salem. I need to work hard at finding readers all over Southern Oregon. I’m surprised by the Portland readers. 

59% of you use Chrome and 51% of you are reading this on your mobile device with 45% of you on desktop and the balance on tablets. 

The most read articles in 2021 :

The Southern Oregon Business Journal is a one man show. I source the content, layout the journal, post the articles on the site and do all the marketing, billing and dancing in this company. This is my side, side hustle. 

But I don’t do it alone. Great writers contribute content, sponsors pay for ads that help me offset costs and readers read and comment and keep me focused on what is important. I appreciate you all. 

And like I said at the beginning of this story, I’m excited for 2022.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 


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  1. Chris Cook on January 4, 2022 at 10:57 am

    Jim – thanks for all that you do. This publication is a valued source of local news, a commodity that’s harder and harder to come by.

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