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March already!? This month marks the 1 year anniversary of working from home via zoom for millions of workers. Vaccinations are rolling out at a brisk pace now and with spring flowers blooming, our desire to be outside and away from the computer 24×7 is stronger than the typical spring fever. I look forward to the days of long hikes, staring at the ocean and not having any zoom meetings or Netflix bingeing. 

The world changed in this last year. It will be fascinating to see how we go back “to normal” once we can. What do you think will be the new normal? Drop me a note and let me know. I’ll be doing a story on it soon.

The journal has a new sponsor. 

We couldn’t produce this journal without the support of companies that believe in it and its mission and want to be aligned with it. This month we are proud to announce that LS Networks is an official sponsor. They are an Oregon based Fiber backhaul provider to communities in Oregon and Washington and have been partnering with ISPs and Communities for over 15 years. Check them out at https://www.lsnetworks.net/. Their article “Fiber Optic Internet: A Conduit for Economic Transformation”  starts on Page 34.

One of the primary reasons for the journal is to keep you informed and abreast of what is going on in the state and how it may impact the business climate here in Southern Oregon. Another reason is to showcase certain economic reports published by different departments in the state. This month we feature a 14 page executive summary of Oregon’s Economy and Revenue Forecast by Mark McMullen and Josh Lehner of the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis. It’s a great read that recaps the state of the state, employment and economics. Oregon Economic and Revenue Forecast – Starts on page 12.

Greg is back. He quietly came back last month with an article and does so again this month. Hopefully we will hear from him every month. When he retired, I told him that I would always save a page for him if he wanted to come back and write for us. I’m glad to see him back. Go, Set, Ready – Page 30


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