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February 2021

I’m reading (slowly) the book a friend sent to me, “Money: Master the Game” by Tony Robbins and it got me thinking about retirement (I think a lot about retirement lately, so that I can focus more energy on this side hustle and others) and the stock market. My son texted me and asked “Dad, do you own Game Stop Shares?” and I replied “Why would I buy stock in a company that has no future?” to which he replied “To win dad, to win big!”

I’ve never been a big stock market guy. As the masses gather to storm the castle of the financial world with nothing more than the internet in moms basement and an ipad they got for Christmas and an account on Robin Hood, they have gathered in millions online and gamed the system to beat back Wall Street for shorting against a company brand they love. 

It’s clearly not how the stock market was supposed to be played and gambled with. But times have changed and the internet has changed everything. 

Wall street lost billions and the kids won millions. 

So it really is all just a game.

What if we had an app where we played a game, dodging, attacking, counterattacking and it controlled reality. What if we didn’t know we were fighting wall street but we were fighting each other to win. Like we do now, with our own businesses that compete in the same space. 


Why does taking down the big guy or the competition matter? Why can’t we do business and grow our business until we can’t. 

Politics divides us and so does this game we play. 

What if the future was that all of us service providers could only service 100 clients and do it well. There would be enough clients to go around. Like a doctor, dentist, lawyer, plumber and everything else. 

Coke or Pepsi. McDonalds or Burger King. Apple or Android. Republican or Democrat. Who cares?

Because if it were a game, there would be rules and we would have referees and be able to watch you play online. We would buy jerseys and do tailgates and celebrate your wins and mourn your losses. 

Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe business should be more like a game.  So I could root for you  and show off my loyalty proudly. 


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