Willamette Community Bank now offering home loans in the Willamette Valley

Willamette Community Bank’s recent merger with People’s Bank of Commerce is set to have a big impact on homebuyers in the Willamette Valley. Willamette Community Bank customers will now be able to secure a home loan through the bank thanks to the combined financial resources of the two organizations and People’s Bank’s extensive experience in providing mortgage loans.

Effective immediately Willamette Community Bank, a division of People’s Bank, will be able to offer mortgage loan programs to meet the needs of Willamette Valley residents, from first-time home buyers to refinances and purchases.

“We are so excited to be able to provide these new products and services to the Willamette Valley through our partnership with Willamette Community Bank,” said Echo Hutto, Senior Vice President & Mortgage Division Manager of People’s Bank of Commerce. “People’s Bank has been providing mortgage loans for over 20 years to the communities we serve. We handle our loans from start to finish from our Operations site in Medford, OR. This gives the highest level of customer service to each of our borrowers and ensures a smooth and timely process from application to funding. This is an amazing opportunity for the Willamette Valley community to experience a true community bank. We put people first, one loan at a time.”

To ensure that customers can still work with a local partner, Willamette Community Bank has hired Terry Gillett as the Willamette Valley Mortgage Sales Manager to lead all local home loan efforts. Terry, who has over 20 years of experience in mortgage lending, will be based out of the branch in Downtown Salem, Oregon. He will be supported by the People’s Bank mortgage loan team as the local team is expanded over the coming months.

As part of a diverse program offering, Willamette Community Bank is able to offer a variety of loan options, including FHA loans for first-time homebuyers, VA and ORVet loans for veterans, and Refinance Loans for current homeowners among many other options. To find the home loan option that’s right for you, visit willamettecommunitybank.com and set up an appointment to speak with one of our loan officers.

About Willamette Community Bank: Willamette Community Bank was founded in Albany, Oregon with an interest in preserving local financial decision-making and building a better community. Through our merger with People’s Bank of Commerce, we’re able to remain committed to these principles while growing the positive impact we can have on our communities.

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