The Hivve: Raising the Tide in Grants Pass’ Post-Pandemic Work Landscape

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“Raise the Tide”—it’s not just our motto at The Hivve; it’s a philosophy that encapsulates our mission to uplift the community, both professionally and creatively. As Grants Pass emerges from the rigors of the pandemic, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in how people approach work and social interactions. The Hivve is proud to be part of that growth curve, serving as a hub that inspires creativity and productivity alike.

We have seen the need for adaptable workspaces surge. No longer a niche luxury, coworking spaces like The Hivve have become essential to today’s diverse workforce. Whether you’re a remote professional in need of a private office, a freelancer looking for a dedicated desk, or a digital nomad happy with a floating desk, we’ve got you covered. And it’s not just about the space; it’s about the community we’re building—one that thrives on collaboration and mutual support, truly embodying our motto to “Raise the Tide.”

While work is a vital aspect of what we offer, The Hivve is more than just a coworking space; it’s a community hub that wears many hats (and hosts many events). Our 150-person venue is a catalyst for cultural and social activities. From private parties to intimate conferences, we’ve got the perfect setting for you. If music speaks to your soul, you won’t want to miss our fall lineup of live concerts, designed not merely as shows, but as unforgettable experiences.

Ah, but we have more up our sleeves. Coders and tech enthusiasts, mark your calendars! We’re hosting the upcoming RedwoodJS Conference in the last week of September. It’s an unmissable event that promises to spark innovation and maybe even offer a networking opportunity or two. Use the code PCNW_FRIENDS to get 40% off tickets at

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