Southern Oregon’s Premier Winery – Established first in the 1850’s, Valley View Winery celebrates 50 years

Fifty years ago, when our parents founded Valley View Winery, people said they were crazy and it would never last. Forty years ago, when our father died, they said Valley View would certainly fail now. We have heard for years that the Southern Oregon wine industry was just a novelty, a gimmick, and would fade away. As always, sour grapes make bad wine and are not welcome here! 

Today, as we celebrate our 50th anniversary, Valley View Winery is as strong as ever. The wines are as fine as ever. The future is as bright as ever.

Valley View Winery is not, and has never been, for sale. 

The Wisnovsky Family is proud to see the Third Generation learn this history and prepare to lead our Pioneer winery from our half-century vineyard in the beautiful Applegate Valley for decades to come. 

Valley View and all Southern Oregon wineries continue to grow and make delicious wines because of you. Every time you buy a bottle you help hundreds of families, beautiful vineyards and tasting rooms, musicians, farm and hospitality workers, and many others. We are forever thankful for your support. Please share this widely, let’s make social media a positive place for our community! #ValleyViewWinery

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