Oregon Economic Development Agency Launches Program to Boost Rural Businesses

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The Oregon Economic Development Agency (OEDA) has launched a new program to help boost rural businesses across the state. The program, called the Rural Business Development Program, is aimed at providing funding and support to small businesses in rural communities that have been hit hard by the economic challenges of the past few years.

The program will offer a range of services and resources to participating businesses, including access to funding and technical assistance, as well as help with marketing and business planning. In addition, the program will work to connect businesses with local resources and organizations, such as chambers of commerce and economic development councils.

The Rural Business Development Program is part of a broader effort by the OEDA to support economic development in rural areas of Oregon. The agency has identified rural communities as a key priority for economic growth, and is working to provide targeted support to businesses in these areas.

The program has already garnered support from business leaders across the state, who see it as a critical tool for helping rural businesses thrive. In a statement, OEDA Director, Johnathan Smith said, “We believe that rural businesses are the backbone of Oregon’s economy, and we are committed to providing the resources and support they need to succeed. We are excited to launch this new program and look forward to working with businesses across the state to help them grow and thrive.”

The Rural Business Development Program is just one example of the efforts being made by the OEDA and other organizations to support economic growth and development in rural areas. As Oregon continues to face economic challenges, initiatives like this will be critical for helping small businesses and communities across the state to build a stronger, more sustainable future.

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“Oregon Economic Development Agency Launches New Rural Business Development Program,” Oregon Business News, April 4, 2023, https://development.oregon4biz.com/acton/rif/14786/s-064b-2304/-/l-0007:4d5c/q-000c/showPreparedMessage?sid=TV2:HwudIXRzQ.

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