Meet Robert Killen New Lane SBDC Director

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Robert Killen is one of those people you just have to meet to realize what a fine decision the hiring team made in selecting him as the new Lane SBDC Director. The Small Business Development Center hit a home run, but the small businesses and communities of eastern Lane County have done even better.

He’s a multitalented businessman, educator and family man. Where a demeanor of quiet knowledge and understanding is needed, he has it. Patience is often needed when guiding groups of leaders, new business entrepreneurs, co-workers and children. Robert can manage them all. 

Experience in the banking industry, a champion speaker with Toastmasters International, involvement in local chambers of commerce, serving on numerous committees – many in leadership roles, and being a caring husband and father have served him well in his development.

The eleven business advisors listed on the Lane SBDC website is a list of highly skilled and talented individuals whose backgrounds are a significant asset to the students of the Eugene located SBDC office. 

It takes an experienced leader with the lifelong learning curve of Robert Killen to effectively lead an organization of this caliber. Robert is that type of leader. 

From SBDC Oregon: 

Published on May 16, 2019

“Robert is a fifth generation Oregonian with a far-reaching professional history. He has managed for-profit and non-profit organizations. He is an artist with a talent for branding who spent seven years as an art director. He spent another seven years in finance as a manager and commercial banker, helping businesses better understand and manage their resources. 

Over the past four years, Robert supported businesses both on the board and on staff at the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce. During that time he designed business education programs, consulted with business owners on various topics, and led leadership workshops. He is also a highly accomplished and sought after public speaker.

“As a child I watched my father’s long-held business transform from a source of joy to one of heartbreak. Helping business owners of Lane County craft lasting success and greater joy is a passion and a privilege.”

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