Lost Creek Rock Products Coastal Reload Yard Opens on North Spit

For Immediate Release: March 2, 2020

The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay is pleased to announce the opening of the Lost Creek Rock Products Coastal Reload Yard on the North Spit in Coos County, Oregon. This multimodal, multi-commodity rail to truck and truck to rail terminal will serve the entire Southern Oregon Coastal Region with a vital link to deliver competitive access to domestic and global markets.

“This new transportation facility is another important tool for shippers and businesses in Coos, Douglas and Curry Counties to be better connected to the global economy. The Port is keenly focused on diversifying and enhancing the economic vitality of the region.” Said John Burns, CEO of the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay and the Coos Bay Rail Line. “Being able to leverage the public investment in infrastructure from our Local, State and Federal partners to produce new and protect existing living wage jobs as a direct result is huge Win-Win”.

The Coastal Reload Yard on the North Spit is being operated by Lost Creek Rock Products of Creswell, OR who has been operating the Greenhill Reload Yard in West Eugene, Oregon at the northern terminus of the CBRL since 2016. “With the opening of the Coastal Reload Yard we will be able to offer customers multimodal and multi-commodity seamless end to end logistics solutions.” Stated Lost Creek Rock Products Principal, Greg Demers. “We have been partnering with the Port and the CBRL for many years in West Eugene and have invested over $10.0M in privately owned rail terminal facilities and infrastructure. Moving forward at the Coastal Reload Yard is a logical next step”.

The Coastal Reload Yard will open for business March 1, 2020 handling high quality aggregates and forest products.  Lost Creek and the Port will be jointly marketing the facility to support job growth, enhance economic vitality and reduce truck traffic on the Coastal Highways.  One ton of freight can move more than 450 miles on a single gallon of diesel fuel by rail. Supporting this modal shift of freight, the project will deliver definite safety and environmental benefit.

The 134-mile Coos Bay Rail Line is a Shortline Railroad serving the Union Pacific Railroad. The rail line connects to the national rail network and offers shippers connectivity to Canada, Mexico, the Gulf Coast and East Coast markets.  CBRL moves approximately 5,000 loaded railcars per year, equal to approximately 16,500 truckloads.

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