Greg Henderson is Retiring… For Real This Time

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By Jim Teece, Co-Publisher
Southern Oregon Business Journal

It’s official. Greg is retiring, for real this time. He told me in the middle of the Pandemic. We just started working together on the reboot of the journal in June of 2019. Our first issue together was out in July and we upgraded the website as well around the same time. 

I thought we had 5 years together to see where we could take the journal, but after the initial shock of his announcement had worn off I reached out to him and asked if we could honor him and his working life in what would be our last issue together. He gave it his blessing and I started reaching out to his family and circle of friends to see if they had any thing they wanted to say in this issue. 

Greg embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. He is tenacious, crazy and driven. He was also only 66 years old when he started the journal. 

That is what I love about his story. He had the idea and courage to just do it. So many people fail, because they never actually get started. 

Throughout this section we will hear from Greg, his family and his friends. 

There are photos of his life and an impressive history of the covers of the journal.  I know how much work  it is to put one out and Greg put 4 years of them out before me. 

I’ll miss working with him and I let him know that he welcome anytime to post a story about his travels and all the interesting small business people he will meet along the way. 

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  1. Linda West on June 1, 2020 at 3:23 pm

    Met Gregg in Toastmasters – he is always with a smile and you can hear him thinking! Always up to something productive and always with a smile! Thanks Gregg – keep in touch!

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