FERC hearings conclude in Klamath Falls amid strong Jordan Cove support

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June 27, 2019 – Klamath Falls, OR – Today, The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) witnessed the strong support for the Jordan Cove Project at the public hearing on the Project’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). Over 120 supporters attended the hearing expressed their support for the Project at the Jordan Cove hospitality suite. According to FERC officials, 143 people testified at the hearing, which allowed the public to provide comments about the Project and the DEIS in a one-on-one format with FERC officials. This one-on-one format allowed supporters to freely and safely delivery their testimony and voice their support for the Project in private rooms.

“As a longtime supporter of the Project, I was thrilled by how our community turned out to step up and speak up in support for Jordan Cove. It was also clear today that Project support is growing while opposition is declining,” said Heather Tramp, Executive Director, Klamath County Chamber of Commerce. She added, “Based on today’s opposition turnout, it is evident that the more our community members learn about Jordan Cove, the more likely they are to support it.”

“We were pleased by the strong show of support for Jordan Cove at today’s Klamath Falls FERC hearing,” said Paul Vogel, media affairs consultant for Jordan Cove. “Our turnout was terrific, and throughout the day we were visited by County Commissioners, City Councilors, members of the Klamath Tribe and many other community members who voiced their support for the project. We look forward to continuing this momentum to make Jordan Cove a reality for the residents of southern Oregon who have been awaiting this project and the benefits it will bring to their families and communities for nearly 14 years.”

Today’s hearing also allowed the public to weigh in on the benefits the Project will have for residents of Klamath County, including $5.3 million to in tax revenue each year, thousands of jobs and more than $600,000 each year for public safety, fire departments and hospitals. In addition, the Project is expected to contribute more than $410,000 in tax revenue to local fire districts, the equivalent of seven new firefighters.

According to those who provided testimony, FERC received quality, substantive input from many Klamath County residents relevant to the determining issues for the Commission. Pembina and Jordan Cove were pleased to see such strong support for the Project at each of the FERC hearings this week in Coos, Douglas, Jackson and Klamath Counties.

Paul Vogel

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