Examples of AI in apps for small business

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AI apps are applications that use artificial intelligence to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as understanding language, recognizing patterns, solving problems, and generating content. AI apps can help small businesses improve their efficiency, productivity, creativity, and customer satisfaction. There are many AI apps available for small businesses, but some of the best ones are:

  • ClickUp: A project management and collaboration app that uses AI to help users write faster and polish their copy, email responses, and more. ClickUp’s AI features include text generation, grammar and spelling check, sentiment analysis, and summarization. ClickUp can help small businesses organize their work, communicate with their team, and deliver high-quality results. 1
  • Zoho Analytics: A data analytics and visualization app that uses AI to help users analyze and explore their data and make the best decisions. Zoho Analytics’ AI features include natural language query, what-if analysis, data preparation, and anomaly detection. Zoho Analytics can help small businesses gain insights from their data, optimize their performance, and grow their business. 2
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub: A marketing and sales app that uses AI to help users create and execute effective marketing campaigns. HubSpot Marketing Hub’s AI features include lead generation, email marketing, content creation, and personalization. HubSpot Marketing Hub can help small businesses attract and convert more customers, increase their revenue, and build their brand. 3
  • Zendesk: A customer service and support app that uses AI to help users provide better and faster customer service. Zendesk’s AI features include chatbots, ticket routing, answer bot, and customer satisfaction prediction. Zendesk can help small businesses improve their customer experience, reduce their costs, and increase their loyalty. 4
  • Xero: An accounting and bookkeeping app that uses AI to help users manage their finances and taxes. Xero’s AI features include invoice automation, bank reconciliation, expense tracking, and cash flow forecasting. Xero can help small businesses save time and money, comply with tax regulations, and improve their cash flow. 5
  • Canva:Magic Design. I love Canva because it’s FREE and enables me to go from idea to reality without my photoshop experts that are busy working on paid projects. Magic Design™ is a free AI design tool offered by Canva. It allows you to visualize your design ideas using a selection of refined templates tailored just for you. Here’s how it works:
    • Upload Your Media: Start by uploading your own images, videos, or other media.
    • AI-Generated Designs: Magic Design™ uses Canva’s AI to create custom designs, presentations, or edited videos based on your uploaded content. These designs appear in the context you need, without requiring any coding or advanced design skills.
    • Versatility: Whether you’re working on social media posts, presentations, or videos, Magic Design™ provides a simple way to spark inspiration and quickly generate designs that are uniquely yours.
    • So, if you’re looking for a tool to kickstart your creative process, Magic Design™ can help you create a first draft rapidly.
  • Otter.ai or Fathom.video: Normally I love FREE software, but I currently use Otter.ai and pay $8.33 a month for it. I do a lot of interviews. It does a great job listeing and transcribing on the fly as you watch the text write while the spoken word is said. It’s pretty magical. I get great transcriptions and a history of all my meetings. It also started copying features from others such as a nice summary of the meeting with highlights. Recently I could not attend a board meeting and they used Fatham.Video to transcribe it by inviting it to the meeting. It did a wonderful recap with overview and hot topics as well. I downloaded the app and tried it. It’s free. I love free. But it works by joining your zoom or google meet meeting. I couldn’t get it to transcribe a video I was watching. Otter does that. One problem with Otter that I had was I did an interview with headphones in and it only transcribed me and not the other person. To be fair I might have to pick a different audio source or something and I’ll look into it more before my next interview.

These are just some of the examples of AI apps for small businesses, but there are many more that can help with various aspects of running a business, such as design, communication, education, and more. AI apps can help small businesses leverage the power of AI to enhance their capabilities and achieve their goals. 123

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