Dutch Bros moving 40% of corporate jobs out of Grants Pass

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Dutch Bros to move 40% of corporate jobs out of Grants Pass and send them to the new corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona by January 1,2025.

Years ago we worked hard to get the internet infrastructure here so that innovative companies like Musicians Friend and Motorcycle USA as well as Harry & David, National Flora and others could grow, hire more people and pay living wage jobs. 

Google gave Ashland, Oregon an award for being the ecommerce capital of Oregon twice. 

Then the companies sold and moved out of state. All the jobs went with them. 

Travis Boermsa sold a minority stake of his company to TSG Consumer Partners to a firm that help take the company public in 2021. It’s struggled since going public and in 2023 they announced an equity offering of $300 million to raise money for expansion. 

They brought in a starbucks exec, Christine Barone, to be president and she is based out of Phoenix and then they announced that she will become CEO in January and that 40% of the corporate jobs would relocate. 

This isn’t the same as the other companies except that they are moving the highest wage earners and will grow in Arizona leaving roasting and other parts of the operation in Grants Pass. 

Hard news to swallow for Southern Oregon that has supported and rooted for the growth of a local hero operation.

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