Crowdsourcing Broadband Data with Faster Internet Oregon

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The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will allocate $65 billion to improving broadband internet throughout the country.  The bill will distribute $100 million to each state for expanding internet access in unserved and underserved communities.

Funding will focus on bringing broadband to areas that lack adequate speeds, choice, and affordability.  States with more unserved locations will receive additional funds to build out their broadband infrastructure.


In preparing to equitably distribute the money, the state of Oregon is creating a broadband map which accurately represents internet speed, availability, and cost throughout the state. 

Faster Internet Oregon is a coalition of economic development organizations, non-profits, and governmental entities whose goal is to create a map of real broadband coverage using crowdsourced data. 

With this information, Faster Internet Oregon will be able to identify areas which lack high-speed broadband access and provide the state with accurate data to make decisions about the distribution of funds throughout Oregon.

By running a speed test on the Faster Internet Oregon website, residents can participate in the crowdsourcing project.

To learn more about Faster Internet Oregon and run a speed test at your home, please click the button below.

Speed Test

The speed test takes less than a minute and will help the state identify gaps in internet availability and speed.  The project only collects address and speed test data.  No personally identifiable information is stored and data will not be sold for any reason.

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