Coding Zeal hosts 2 day conference for RedwoodJS community to gather and learn online and in-person in Grants Pass

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Trever is at it again. This time he and the amazing team at Coding Zeal will host the first ever RedwoodJS conference. 

RedwoodJS is a React framework that enables you to quickly scaffold up an app from idea to deployment. 

From GitHub — Redwood is an opinionated, full-stack, JavaScript/TypeScript web application framework designed to keep you moving fast as your app grows from side project to startup.

At the highest level, a Redwood app is a React frontend that talks to a custom GraphQL API. The API uses Prisma to operate on a database. Out of the box you get tightly integrated testing with Jest, logging with Pino, and a UI component catalog with Storybook. Setting up authentication (like Auth0) or CSS frameworks (like Tailwind CSS) are a single command line invocation away. And to top it off, Redwood’s architecture allows you to deploy to either serverless providers (e.g. Netlify, Vercel) or traditional server and container providers (e.g. AWS, Render) with nearly no code changes between the two!

By making a lot of decisions for you, Redwood lets you get to work on what makes your application special, instead of wasting cycles choosing and re-choosing various technologies and configurations. Plus, because Redwood is a proper framework, you benefit from continued performance and feature upgrades over time and with minimum effort.

Redwood is the latest open source project initiated by Tom Preston-Werner, cofounder of GitHub (most popular code host on the planet), creator of Jekyll (one of the first and most popular static site generators), creator of Gravatar (the most popular avatar service on the planet), author of the Semantic Versioning specification (powers the Node packaging ecosystem), and inventor of TOML (an obvious, minimal configuration language used by many projects).

This conference is for builders and leaders like you from around the world — founders, indie devs, open source contributors, backend and frontend specialists, and technology leaders

ALL in on react server components

React is an established, powerful tool for building interactive applications. It’s no secret that the introduction of RSC is a big change. Redwood is one of a few existing frameworks on the edge of RSC adoption. React is a major theme at this conference, and your opportunity to get in early on a best-in-class framework and the future of React.

Get Equipped to Build a Modern App

At this conference, you’ll learn about much more than Redwood.

Sessions and workshops from experts and frontline founders will cover topics across modern tools, best practices, and building a startup. Redwood sits at the center of an ecosystem that includes industry standard tools you’ll need at any stage (MVP to Scale) across the development-to-production, CI/CD lifecycle.

Relationships are Rocket Fuel

Get unique access to the Redwood Core Team, founders, industry experts, investors, and some of the best technical leaders around the globe. This experience was designed intentionally so you will leave with everything you need to build and grow, including new connections with amazing people. With Redwood, community and collaboration take front and center — you don’t have to go it alone.

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