Housing… as a benefit.

Support your workforce where it counts, with benefits of the future.

Jerryck Murrey wants to give you the competitive edge in recruiting and retaining the best talent available. After experiencing housing insecurity in his own life, Jerryck turned his entrepreneurial mind toward the intersection of affordable housing and corporate sustainability. 

Jerryck recognized not only the lack of homes available, but that the cost has skyrocketed as well. Despite rising healthcare, transportation, and nutrition costs, housing remains the largest and arguably the most important expenditure for American works.

Recent numbers show that 45% of employee income is spent on housing but up to 73% of employees report they cannot afford to purchase their own home. Similarly, at least 17% of current renters are late on their rent, with up to 49% of those renters being evicted in the next two months. When employees can’t afford their homes, they move – often away from the area. In fact, US businesses lose up to one trillion dollars per year to voluntary turnover. As a business, why tolerate this loss when you can prevent it?

Jerryck Murrey | CEO | Bend the Universe. 

At Annum, Jerryck and his team work to streamline the housing process and reduce cost of living for employees while building a comprehensive employee benefit package with minimal cost and oversight for the employers. Put simply? Annum makes it easier for employees and employers to live and thrive. When employers take the chance to revolutionize their benefit packages, they become the best offer on the table for prospective employees.

Annum partners understand the value of lowering employee turnover, but in the market where compensation increases are not always viable, housing as a benefit supports employee wellness and physiological needs while lowering operating costs as a business.

We already know Southern Oregon draws some of the best talent to our locally owned companies, but without a place to live, those employees can’t remain. Annum makes it simple for employers to recruit and hire their dream team through offering below market rate pricing for sales, rentals, and home related products, goods, and services. Employees currently enrolled with Annum save 15 – 30% on all housing related activities. 

Jerryck also understands this level of service needs to integrate seamlessly for the HR team and administrators in house. This is why Annum makes it easy by offering an employee app and HRIS integration systems for simplified implementation.

Companies are only as healthy and stable as their workforce, and by developing a housing benefit offering through Annum, employers enhance the workplace culture for their teams in a quantifiable and affordable way. Employees with stable housing and more financial margin are more capable of growth and connection. Ultimately, that’s what Annum is all about.

A community where people thrive and connect because they’re not living in fear of loss. Employees enjoy the challenges at work, because they are not consumed by thoughts of how to cover next month’s rent. Families establish savings accounts and legacy funds beyond the traditional 401k retirement packaging, allowing new generations to experience life with less uncertainty and more self-esteem. Even remote, hybrid, commuters, and seasonal workers benefit from Annum Housing. We’re a forward-thinking company focused on housing the workforce so the workforce can focus on supporting the corporate mission.

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