“Breaking the Internet: How One Community is Working Toward Digital Equity” by Terrence Denoyer

Breaking the Internet: A Beacon of Digital Equity

“Breaking the Internet: How One Community is Working Toward Digital Equity” is a compelling narrative that chronicles the journey of a community in West Texas striving to bring high-speed internet service to every household. Authored by Terrence Denoyer and with a foreword by Lauren Tavarez, this book is an essential read for community leaders grappling with the digital divide and seeking viable solutions.

The Story

The book paints a vivid picture of the broadband problem in Ector County, Texas, amidst the pandemic. It follows Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri and Dr. Kellie Wilks as they respond to the shutdown of schools in 2020. They form a task force of local government and business leaders and seek credible data to understand which neighborhoods and areas in their county were without broadband service.

The Leadership

The story is about Kellie and Scott’s exemplary leadership in the face of crisis and the choices they made, not only for their students but for the long-term prosperity of their entire community. Their efforts are a testament to selfless leadership, as they navigate through challenges to break down barriers to equitable broadband access.

“Scott and Kellie model selfless leadership while Terry expertly weaves their local broadband story against a national and historical backdrop.” Dr. Robert Avossa, former Superintendent of Palm Beach County Schools and Fulton County Schools

The Significance

Denoyer leverages his background in systems, data, user experience, education, and government to narrate a story that is local in scope but global in its significance. It’s an origin story about breaking down barriers to equitable broadband access.


“Breaking the Internet” is more than just a book; it’s a call to action for communities worldwide to address digital equity. It serves as an inspiration for other communities facing similar challenges and provides a roadmap for achieving digital equity. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the digital divide and how one community is making strides towards bridging it.

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