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Food Delivery is one segment of the economy that took off as we shut down because of COVID-19.

I was visiting a friend on their ranch for dinner and I thought they were going to have BBQ. 

I was pleasantly surprised when they ordered DoorDash and they delivered from a local Pizza Place. 

I got curious about DoorDash and this is what I found out on the web.

DoorDash Facts


Year Launched: 2013

Headquarters:  San Francisco, CA

Creators: Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Tony Xu and Evan Moore

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery company.

DoorDash Statistics

DoorDash’s share of the US food delivery market:


Last updated 2/27/20

Reported value of DoorDash:

$12.6 billion

Last updated 6/23/19

Reported amount DoorDash has raised in funding:

$2 billion

Last updated 6/23/19

Number of DoorDash on-demand drivers:

200,000 drivers

Last updated 7/12/20

Percentage of the top 100 US restaurant brands that DoorDash works with:


Last updated 5/2/19

Number of cities DoorDash is available in:

4,000 cities

Last updated 7/12/20

Number of restaurants that are available on DoorDash:

300,000 restaurants

Last updated 7/12/20

Amount that DoorDash reported paid Square for Caviar:

$410 million

DoorDash buys rival food delivery app Caviar in 2019

Number of DashPass subscribers:

1.5 million

Last updated 1/7/20

What about the restaurant? says the following:

More business, less effort

up to 60% Profit on incremental orders

“Today, more and more people want the convenience of delivery. Our app reaches 80% of consumers in America. Your restaurant will be seen by millennials, parents, and even companies who need catering – all without the costs of a dine-in experience.”

Reach new customers

92% of orders come from entirely new customers

“We feature your menu on our app and website so that customers can discover your restaurant and order food. All of this will be done without you needing to lift a finger!”

By fulfilling deliveries as far as 25 miles from your location, DoorDash enables your business to reach a customer base well beyond the traditional dine-in experience.

We give options, you call the shots

37 min Average delivery time

“We use our strong Dasher network to fulfill your delivery orders within 37 minutes on average. So your food is delivered to your customer exactly how you prepared it.”

Commission Expense 


The restaurant pays DoorDash the commission – It’s actually taken off the top.

As the pandemic continues to transform the dining experience, restaurants can increase restaurant sales by offering online ordering and delivery. In fact, a recent Technomic report revealed that a quarter of restaurant operators saw 40% or more of their sales come from third-party delivery in 2020.

Customers also tend to order more when ordering takeout — restaurants see a 20% increase in check sizes from online and delivery orders compared to dine-in orders.

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