A Few Words from Jim – November 2023

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There is so much to be thankful for. 

I work every day in each of my companies with amazing humans that are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. 

I have wonderful clients that trust us and work with us to solve problems, create innovative solutions and change the world together. 

I serve along side hundreds of volunteers in the communities I serve and they remind me everyday how awesome humans are. 

I put on conferences, speak at conferences, spend a little time each month sharing this business journal with you, fly a lot, stay in many hotels and still work hard to be home on weekends to watch football with Dena. 

I’m proud of my now adult kids and the wonderful humans they picked as partners in life. 

And Dena and I try to visit the grandkids at least once a month for a day or two. 

Am I tired? You bet. 

It’s good to be tired. There is so much to do. 

Do I wish I could slow down and enjoy quiet moments?

Sometimes yes. 

I dream of peace and quiet and some solitude. 

I dream of not waking up in a panic at 2:30 am because I fear missing my 5:00 am flight. 

I dream of cleaning my desk off and throwing a truckload of stuff I will never get to away. 

I dream of spending Black Friday shopping online for my friends and family and not rushing the week before Christmas like I always do.

I dream of sitting side by side, like that couple in Up, holding hands with Dena and reading and drinking tea. 

I dream about a lot of things. Every night. Every day. 

But like I said there is much work to do. 

I look at the young Duncan Family on the cover and smile. They work hard, running a business the best they can and raising a family too. It’s hard work. 

But at the end of each day, I’m sure they go to bed exhausted and wake up the next ready to go. Ready to work. Ready to roll up their sleeves and pitch in where needed to get the job done. Not realizing how much they inspire others while they do it. 

They just do it, because there is so much to do, and I’m thankful for that. 

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