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With all of us now being able to meet in person, Zoom meetings are still a great way to meet. No drive time. Efficient. Covid accelerated our use of it and it is now a standard.  But none of it works if we don’t have internet. You can still meet in person or over a phone but you can’t Zoom if you don’t have internet. So it will be interesting to see how the state continues to invest in it’s infrastructure to support the future while maintaining and growing the internet and wireless data networks.

Oregon Connections! 

On October 28 and 29, 2021 the 25th annual Oregon Connections conference will be held in Ashland, Oregon and the State’s Broadband Initiatives will be discussed in detail. 

The Oregon Connections Telecommunications Conference draws attendees from all regions of the state to share ideas, experiences and knowledge about telecommunications.

The theme for this year is Oregon Connections: Onward!. The 2021 conference presenters and attendees will look forward as we begin to move beyond a disruptive pandemic.

Topics include a look at the impacts of the pandemic on broadband telecommunications and a look forward at public policy, broadband funding, emerging 21st century schools, libraries, health care systems, digital homes and workplaces, smart/precision agriculture, and smart transportation systems all enabled by communication and information technologies.

The conference features speakers, panels, group discussions, breakfast – luncheon – refreshments, receptions and more.

The Southern Oregon Business Journal is a proud sponsor. Find out more at OregonConnections.info and see the ad on page 35 for more details. 

Check out the news bytes on Page 41. It’s a new way for me to share with you headlines and an opening paragraph with links to the original news source or blog post by the company. 

If you like this new format, I’ll expand on it in months to come. 

Last month I shared the business model of the county fair and specifically shared Jackson Counties fair plans. Well it happened and the results were staggering. The carnival partner made the most money ever in it’s history and the food vendors were up nearly 100% from 2019. It’s fun to be able to celebrate in person again. I hope to run into you at events all summer all over Oregon.


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