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Resolution for the United States and the World in 2023; better leadership.

It’s time we all decided to fix the things we’ve broken in our occupation of this planet.

And time we stopped leaving the responsibilities of our misdeeds to someone else. All of us are needed.

All are responsible. Its time to leave our bunkers, where many have been waiting for the siren to sound declaring all is safe for our reentrance as active participants in the total world of humanity. Then begin to understand the importance of selecting effective leaders at every level.

On November 15, 2022 the population of the earth passed 8 billion. Each day about 200,000 more people are born, one million every five days. How do we lead 8 billion people effectively?

Humans are very social. Individually we can hardly sustain ourselves. We must be mentored, taught, and encouraged to survive. We demand to be led, for our own survival. The difficulty in selecting leaders, however, is overwhelmingly above the talents of most. A dearth of deep awareness and selection experience is a problem around the planet. Who are the candidates? How do we decide who the candidates should be, in our country and around the world? It seems we’re not doing a very good job of choosing leaders.

Studies show that the most effective leadership occurs with no more than 10 direct reports. If there are 100 people there needs to be 10 leaders to have effective outcomes from those 100 team members. If that is the case, there then needs to be a leader to lead the 10 leaders. With 1,000 team members there will need to be 100 team leaders who will be led by 10 leaders of leaders, who are then led by one

leader at the top of the pyramid. That is, if we want to be effective. Sounds a little crazy to me, and probably not very effective.

So, let’s back up a step or two.

In most planning situations there are an initial three steps to take: Assess these three things – 1) Where have you been? 2) Where are you now? 3) Where do you want to go?

These assessments are not tasks to be completed over lunch. Be complete, be honest, and follow a line of thinking that meets the goals and values of your organization. Any deviation must be defended thoroughly. The adage, “You cannot do what you’ve always done and expect different results.” …also sometimes used as the definition of insanity, is appropriate at every level.

The best and often most effective leaders will know these things. Training and experience are encouraged.

There are hundreds of quotes made famous by people of honor about leadership and leading by example, from Theodore Roosevelt , Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa, to Mark Twain, and many, many more. Read them often as they may inspire you to better define the values and attitudes you are seeking in a leader you choose.

Resolve to take part in the selection and creation of better and more effective leaders at every level, from the local school board to national political offices. 

The importance of your participation may be your legacy.

Greg Henderson is the retired founder of the Southern Oregon Business Journal. A University of Oregon graduate and a six year U.S. Air Force veteran. Contact him at ghenderson703@gmail.com

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