Women’s Leadership Conference of Southern Oregon – May 12, 2023

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Dena and I have sponsored the Women’s Leadership Conference of Southern Oregon in the past. We have watched them grow since they started in 2013 and love what they do and how they do it. I wanted to help promote this years event and found this info on their website.

“The WLC grew out of a desire to see more women represented in leadership roles in business and the community. This desire is not just about inspiring women to step up as leaders, but also about encouraging women to use their voice and share their stories.”

“We are dedicated to providing personal inspiration and practical application to promote more equitable representation of women leadership in our community — at every career level and all stages of personal growth.”

“Every May, we put on a large conference in Southern Oregon. We bring in national and regional speakers and create a day of inspiration, connection, and rejuvenation. Throughout the year, we also offer several micro-events.”

“Our mission is to foster leadership in business, government, and non-profit organizations, that more fully reflects our community.”

2023 CONFERENCE: AdvanceHER: Building A Network of Leaders

May 12th, 2023, Ashland Hills Hotel


Tickets now on sale. HYBRID conference
Includes -conference networking event on Thursday evening, May 11th.


2023 Keynote Speakers Announced


Carolyn Stern

Carolyn Stern is a certified Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development Expert, professional speaker, and university professor. Carolyn’s emotional intelligence courses and modules have been adopted by top universities in North America. She has also provided comprehensive training programs to business leaders across the continent in highly regarded corporations encompassing industries such as technology, finance, manufacturing, advertising, education, healthcare, government, and foodservice.

Carolyn’s passion is teaching emotional intelligence, leadership, and team building in the workplace. She drives individuals and corporations to learn how to connect authentically, communicate effectively, and thrive collectively by interweaving emotional intelligence along the way.




Libby Gill

Libby Gill knows change.  She grew up on two continents and went to eight different schools before putting herself through college waiting tables. Starting her career as an assistant at Embassy Communications, a television company founded by the legendary Norman Lear, Libby survived three mergers to become head of publicity, advertising, and promotion for Sony’s worldwide television group in just five years.

After her first career heading communications at media giants Sony, Universal, and Turner Broadcasting, Libby founded LA-based Libby Gill & Company, a leadership consulting and executive coaching firm. She guides individuals and organizations to lead through change, challenge, and chaos by deeply engaging employees in a shared future-focused vision of success.

In her consulting, coaching, and keynotes Libby helps her clients: 

  • Reframe change as an opportunity for massive growth
  • Re-energize your best performers to reach their full potential
  • Reinvent your corporate culture to embrace ambiguity


By Jim Teece

From https://www.womensleadershipconference.net/

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