Two Papers seek to fill void left by Medford Mail Tribune Closing

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Last month I shared my dismay about Medford losing it’s local newspaper after Rosebud Media quickly shut down all services shortly after moving to an online only format. 

Local News is important. It wasn’t good news. A lot of people reached out to me to see if I would solve this problem. 

I kindly replied, No. 

The Southern Oregon Business Journal isn’t a local newspaper. It’s a tool for small business dreamers, entrepreneurs, managers and community leaders to learn what others in the region are doing and saying that impact our local economy. And it’s run by one person, Me. 

A local newspaper needs to be staffed by reporters with beats and relationships. You need to sell ads and subscriptions. You need to listen to police scanners and deal with letters to the editor. You need an editor. Local News is not inexpensive to run. 

As I shared, where there is a need and a void it will get filled, be patient. Well we didn’t have to wait long. 

The Grants Pass Daily Courier quickly hired a couple of laid off reporters from the Medford Mail Tribune and let everyone know they are on it. The family that runs the paper committed to providing local, relevant news to Medford. 

And then EO Media Group out of Salem, quietly set up shop in Medford and mailed a preview copy to every home in Jackson County, clearly sending a message as if to say “It’s ok Jackson County, We got you”. This Pacific Northwest owned, multiple region local news company has a track record of success in several communities. 

They launched the Rogue Vally Tribune, not to be confused with the Mail Tribune. 

I hope they both can survive here. We need them.

By Jim Teece

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