The Rogue Credit Union (RCU) branch at Umpqua Community College (UCC) recognized with Business Innovation award.

By Toni Clough
Chair, Associate Professor, Business

ROSEBURG, Oregon – Rogue Credit Union (Rogue) has been recognized with the Business Innovation award by the Roseburg Chamber of Commerce due to its partnership with the new campus branch at Umpqua Community College (UCC).

In October 2019, the credit union opened its second campus branch at UCC, the first being at Southern Oregon University (SOU) which opened in 2015. This full-service campus branch provides financial services in a convenient location for students, faculty and staff. The branch also provides valuable work experience and education to the student employees who also work in the Roseburg branches.

“We are honored to be acknowledged with this award,” Rogue President/CEO Gene Pelham said, “It is really an award for both Rogue and UCC and reflects a great partnership that has been created. We are delighted that our commitment to the Roseburg community and UCC was recognized with this award.”

The campus branch is partnered with UCC’s Business Technology department to offer a one-year Financial Services certificate. Students who complete the 26-credit certificate program may transfer to SOU where those credits can be applied toward a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, a student who participates in the Rogue branch at UCC can transfer to the other Rogue campus branch at SOU.

“When Rogue Credit Union first approached UCC to place a campus branch here, I thought our employees and students would simply enjoy a convenient service,” UCC President Dr. Debra Thatcher said. “And while the campus has enjoyed new services, ‘convenience’ is a woefully inadequate word to describe the real benefit. Rogue Credit Union’s presence is educational; they have provided our students with real world experience while helping them financially. As a result of training and assuming responsibility, the student employees have quickly matured into young professionals who understand customer service, teamwork, initiative, accountability, and dedication. Students’ lives are truly being transformed as a result of Rogue’s investment, and UCC is thankful for their partnership.”

In addition to receiving the Business Innovation award, Rogue’s board member Alex Palm was also recognized with the Citizen of the Year award. Alex is president of the UCC Foundation Board and has been instrumental in helping the credit union achieve its success.

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Toni Clough
Chair, Associate Professor, Business

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