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Nov. 11, 2022, KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – On Tuesday, The Boeing Company (Boeing Commercial Airplanes) and Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) signed an agreement to develop a Collaboration Lab at Oregon Tech’s Klamath Falls campus, which would provide a secure environment for Oregon Tech students completing projects for Boeing.

Boeing Production Engineering Manager Stan L. Carr and Oregon Tech President Dr. Nagi Naganathan signed an intent to collaborate between Boeing and Oregon Tech that will enable students to gain valuable industrial experience in a paid position while remaining full-time students in Klamath Falls.

“Oregon Tech, as an industry’s university, prides itself on being a surrogate lab for industry’s innovation. This partnership with Boeing is a great example,” said President Nagi Naganathan. “We sincerely thank The Boeing Company for creating this tremendous immersive industry experience for our students right on campus as they pursue their degree programs. I am confident this amazing experience will draw more students and industries to Oregon Tech and Klamath Falls and give our students a distinctive edge at graduation.”

Boeing and Oregon Tech have partnered on internships and degree programs for decades. Currently, Oregon Tech provides several certificate programs, undergraduate, and graduate degree programs for Boeing employees at sites in the Puget Sound area.

Oregon Tech will be the pilot university with Boeing Commercial Airplanes with the intent to collaborate with other universities in the future. Other universities have entered into similar partnerships with Boeing Defense Systems.

The initial collaboration will be for mechanical, electrical, and other engineering students and may expand to computer systems and management programs depending on the needs of Boeing. Boeing will supply detailed statements of work for the university to complete for specific project needs.

“The process should be relatively seamless for students, who Oregon Tech already trains on some of the software used at Boeing,” said Dr. Tom Keyser, who is the Dean of Oregon Tech’s College of Engineering, Technology, and Management and is leading the partnership. “Students will get industrial experience and have deliverables on a project, just as they would at Boeing. They will be supervised by a faculty member and mentored by a Boeing employee, just like they would if it were an off-campus opportunity. But they don’t have to leave campus, and they don’t have to slow down their studies.”

The partnership is in the beginning stages, with space being allocated in the Center of Excellence for Engineering Technology (CEET) to house the Collaboration Lab. Oregon Tech and Boeing anticipate a spring launch date.

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