Swedish Engineering West Changes Name to Eugene Car Care & Adds 2 Lines of Cars for Specialty Repair Service

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Name Change bold customer service move as Repair Shop also to specialize in Toyota and Lexus cars!     

Eugene, OR – Building on its reputation for superior customer service, Swedish Engineering West has responded to customer preferences by taking the unusual step of renaming their business to Eugene Car Care, and now offering specialized, computer-based mechanical services for Lexus and Toyota cars. 

When a shop specializes in a make of vehicle that means they offer more high-end repairs that involve computers and the proper diagnostic equipment. Eugene Car Care already specializes in Volvo and Subaru cars. 

“We are very attuned to our customers’ needs, and we have seen a upsurge of Toyota and Lexus cars owned by more and more of our customers. We want to meet that customer demand,” said Ed Meza, owner of Eugene Car Care.   “We consider this upgrade of sorts as a way of letting our customers know that we’re listening.” 

Changing their business name to Eugene Car Care fits in with the business model of providing specialty repair services for three Asian lines of cars— Lexus, Subaru, and Toyota, along with the Swedish-based car make, Volvo. 

Meza said he purposely chose the business name Eugene Car Care because of the trust and relationships he has built over the years with his customers. 

“We really care about our customers and value their input,” Meza said. “So now instead of going to the dealerships for more complex mechanical issues, they can now bring their Lexus and Toyota cars here.” 

During this “transition period,”— from January to early March when the brand name and car lines convert to the new business name officially, Meza said he offered a 10 percent discount for all customers — up to a maximum savings of $100.00 per repair invoice. They also entice their customers with a free oil change for referring people to Meza’s business. 

This type of treatment of Eugene Car Care’s customers comes standard for everyone who needs their cars serviced at this Eugene repair shop. Eugene Car Care focuses on treating their customers like close friends. They don’t just fix cars. They offer personal service. 

Meza’s crew has been known to have Eugene Car Care employees provide rides for customers to his shop.  What’s more, Meza has opened his shop after hours to help people who are ensnared in unexpected car emergencies.  

Meza’s brand of customer service has even extended to price reductions for financially strapped customers. 

“I saw opportunities to help more people and we really enjoy giving that rare form of service that too often is lacking in the auto industry,” said Meza.  “We go the extra mile to take care of our customers, and that won’t change. We see this name change as another example of offering what our customers need.” 

Eugene Car Care has been a fixture in Eugene for nearly two decades.  Ed and his crew have been offering specialty service Volvo and Subaru vehicles for more than three decades. 

Eugene Car Care was Swedish Engineering since the mid-1980s and became Swedish Engineering West Inc. in 2003, with locations in other parts of the country.


About Eugene Car Care

Eugene Car Care (formerly Swedish Engineering West) now services Lexus and Toyota vehicles in addition to Subaru and Volvo for specialty repair jobs.  The Eugene shop provides a wide range of auto mechanic services that exclude only body, tires and windshields. Eugene Car Care offers repair excellence and exceptional customer service.  We provide automotive preventive maintenance like Factory Scheduled Maintenance, Tune-ups, Oil changes, and Tire Rotation.  Swedish Engineering, the predecessor to Eugene Car Care, has been in business for more than three decades and we’ve been honored to serve Eugene, Springfield and Lane County communities for many of those years. Eugene Car Care prides itself for its recycling efforts.  As a result, Eugene Car Care recently became one of the first auto repair shops in Oregon to be given the special designation of Ecological Business. 

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