Southern Oregon Hit Hard in Second Wave of COVID-19

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The virus has finally hit close to home. My 49 year old friend, Jeff, died after a 2 week battle with COVID a few weeks ago. Prior to his passing I didn’t really understand it’s power.  I am vaccinated, but I was also frustrated by the masks, social distancing and impact on our lives. He was young, healthy and strong and he left behind a wife and 4 children. 

The second wave of the virus is now flooding the hospitals with patients. Asante is one of our regional medical centers here (with hospitals in Medford, Ashland and Grants Pass) and they started publishing this daily chart on Facebook so that we can monitor it. It shows patients under 18, from 18 to 64 and 65 and older by category (Tested Positive, In ICU, on Ventilators and Dead) 

Clearly the unvaccinated are filling the hospitals and the new variant is even hitting those under 65 hard as well. 

If you feel sick stay home, if you have not been vaccinated, please consider it, wear your mask when in public areas and wash your hands.

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