Reset for 2022

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Time for a reset and the full expectation of good times ahead! Happy Holidays to everyone. I have good feelings about next year. 

It’s time to make December the month to prepare for a great beginning to the New Year. Wasn’t 2021 a real kick? We could do with a lot less of much of what we experienced this past year. Enough of that worn out discussion. 

January 1st is “Kick Start Day”, not a day of recovery. 

Our goals for 2022 shall be filled with optimism, peace, and progress toward better experiences. With a month to plan for a terrific new year its best if on Day One, yes, January 1st, we have a firm commitment to launch into a great year like we mean it. Waking up on the morning of January 1st with a hangover is a terrible way to start the new year. Don’t do that. 

Do something in your first waking hour of the year that will set the standard for how the next 364 days will go. Consider how many things you can do in one hour that can make a difference in some positive way; if you can’t think of 100 things, you’re just not trying. Start right now. Write a list of 100 things you could do in one hour. *go for a walk, exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, call someone dear to you (or text/email) and set a firm date for a pleasant visit – make a commitment that you really will keep, send a happy new year message to 10 friends, 10 relatives (include your significant other), and 10 business people you know*. 

See how easy setting positive activities in motion is? When you finish this first hour of the year you will be pleased with how much better you feel than you would have it you woke up with a hangover from over-zealous activities the night before. Much better. 

In retrospect we’ve all got it in us to accomplish much more than we usually do. I have 168 hours in my week – every week. So do you. Let’s decide to measure the value of the hours based on the possibilities of doing a positive thing each of those hours. Yes, sleeping is a positive thing, as long as we don’t over do it. Consider instead that first hour of the first day of the year. Every hour can be equally as satisfying. 

A cheerful attitude is good fuel for nearly everything. Make sure to keep that tank full as it will be your source of much needed positive energy. I wish you the happiest year you can imagine. 

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