Oregonians May Soon Be Able to Pump Their Own Gas

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The Oregon House of Representatives has passed a bill that would allow residents to pump their own gas. Currently, Oregon is one of only two states in the United States where it is illegal for drivers to pump their own gas, with attendants required to do the job.

The bill, which passed with a 46-14 vote, would allow self-service pumping at gas stations in rural counties with populations of 40,000 or less. Supporters of the bill argue that it will provide convenience for drivers in rural areas who may have to drive long distances to reach a gas station. They also point out that self-service pumping is common in other states, and that many Oregonians are capable of pumping their own gas safely.

Opponents of the bill argue that the change could lead to job losses for gas station attendants and could also create safety hazards for drivers who are not familiar with pumping gas. They also argue that the current system of full-service pumping provides employment opportunities for those who may not be able to find work elsewhere.

The bill will now move to the Oregon Senate for consideration, where it will face further debate and scrutiny. If it passes the Senate, it will then go to the governor’s desk for signature.

Oregon has a unique history when it comes to gas pumping. The state first instituted the law requiring full-service pumping in the 1950s, in part to protect workers from the dangers of gasoline fumes. The law has remained in place since then, despite periodic attempts to change it.

If the bill becomes law, Oregon will join the majority of states in the United States that allow self-service pumping. While it may take some time for drivers to adjust to the change, it could ultimately provide greater convenience and flexibility for those living in rural areas.

The debate over self-service gas pumping is likely to continue, as lawmakers balance the needs of drivers with the potential impact on gas station attendants and the local economy. However, the passage of the bill by the Oregon House of Representatives is a significant step towards allowing Oregonians to pump their own gas.

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“House Passes Bill to Allow Oregonians to Pump Their Own Gas,” Oregon Capital Chronicle, March 20, 2023, https://oregoncapitalchronicle.com/2023/03/20/house-passes-bill-to-allow-oregonians-to-pump-their-own-gas/.

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