Oregon Wildfire Smoke “Boiling” across state

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At about 5:30 pm, on September 8, 2020, I had been working in the office and started to smell smoke. I walked out on the front deck and saw great plumes of smoke rising over the trees. With that much smoke, I thought the whole hill was on fire. I turned on the scanner app on my phone, jumped on the ATV, and headed up the hill to see how close it was. It turned out that 90% of this smoke was coming from all the fires burning East of Portland and Salem.  I was told that it was boiling like this because it was being re-heated as it crossed over the Bald Peak Fire just 8 miles South of us.  As soon as I  was sure we were not in immediate danger, I went back to the house, grabbed the cameras, and started filming.   As I filmed, the air was heavy with the smell of smoke, and there were no birds.  

Watch the rolling smoke video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/itGtrRmq0c0

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By Doug Reynolds
instagram: @dougonlocation

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